Sunday, March 6, 2011

The difference...


My new baby, a Taylor I bought yesterday. I went to check out guitars with a good friend who plays in a band here locally. I had borrowed a guitar from a friend, so just to let him check it out to see if it would work for learning on. I was having some issues getting my fingers on all the stings and we figured out the neck was too wide for me. go :(

My friend J said that I would "know" when it fit. I attuned this to the thing I was told when I was wedding dress shopping :) Only other thing I can think of like that. So dress/guitar shopping I went...

We went through a TON of guitars...and about mid-way through the process...I found this gal :) A soon as I got my hands on her, I knew. Yep, just like the wedding dress thing...she fit me. We went through many more after that...but I kept coming back to that one. J then proceeded to play on her a bit and I think he would have bought her if I hadn't :) Got a great deal on it and I now have her :)

So weird how very attached I am to her already...yes it's a her, again not sure why :) But she is already my baby...

I need a name for her, any ideas? I am sure the name will come to me eventually as well...but any help would be fun :)

After getting the gal all boxed up, we went over to J's house and worked on some things. Learned the G, C and D chords (or attempted to)...goal is to work on those, get them so I can change from each fluidly...yeah. Easier than it sounds. I played on and off all day yesterday, and it was coming. I am able to change chords now with just a second or two to regroup. Was even able to play "Leaving On A Jet Plane" and it kind of sounded like it :)

It hurts to type fingers are sore, but that is what is going to happen...and I love it.

Where the title of my blog comes into play...the difference, and the escape from training dogs it provides. There is NO OTHER VARIABLE BUT ME. No dogs not understanding, no trying to figure out what the dog is doing and why, no dogs that are higher than a kite, or worried, or confused...or motivated more by a ball than a tuggie. Etc. Where I go from here is completely, 100% dependent on ME. And what I want to do.

I love training dogs, don't get me wrong...but I think once your hobby becomes your job...things can get a bit old. There is no other outlet for your energy...and being balanced is a good thing :) I was way over on the "dog stuff only" side...and I feel like I am getting some of that back in balance. There is more to life than training dogs :) And if you read this and say NO THERE IS NOT!?!?!! How could she think might want to remember what you did BEFORE you got into dogs :) Not saying you will change your mind, might remember other things you really enjoyed that were in your life before you started training and trialing dogs.

What would you do if you had the time? What would you do if you knew it wouldn't cut into training your dogs? What is that one thing you have always wanted to do that you just haven't because you don't feel like you have the time? Do it :)

For me it was music...and it feels good to be back into it :)

Off to go play a bit...then enjoy training my dogs this afternoon :)

Balance is good.

Speaking of dogs (since I can't have a post on here that is not dog related somehow)...Lynn is continuing to improve...still very sore and icing...but day by day she is improving :) Thanks to all of you for the positive thoughts. We all really appreciate it!

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Ricky the Sheltie said...

I train Ricky as an escape from my job - playing music! LOL! Glad you are enjoying the guitar so much!