Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Much Awesome I Can't Even Contain It...

We field turfed our garage for our dogs. That's just how we roll :)
Before you decide to do something insane like this, remember, TURF IS REALLY F-ING HEAVY. Like a TON, each ROLL.
Luckily a friend of ours has a bobcat and as willing to help us...probably out of just sheer curiosity :) Why would someone DO this he probably asked himself :) You need 3 strong men, and one woman who is like, MAJORLY BUFF from working totally...
Lots of grunting later (and this was supposed to be my rest day from my workouts...I think I burned 4,000 cals today)...
It's a lot of hard work...of which I will never know as I was standing here taking photos of it :) Just kidding...I was in there grunting with them. Just not sure how much I actually HELPED, but I tried, that's worth something right?

It wasn't as bad as it COULD have been...and the look on the dogs faces when we let them in there was just PURE JOY. Ok well...except for Ace...he was totally freaked out :)
Mom, you must really love us. I will probably still try to countersurf the first chance I get...but I might think about it before I dive into all 17 chocolate cupcakes. That might give you a chance to grab me...doubt it though...but I'll try. I love you mom...
Why do THEY all have to be out here with me? Seriously...we ALL know I am the special one...stupid other dogs...
GREAT! I can lay on the grass now and stare at you! FUN FUN!
Yes, I am sure you feel you DESERVED this huh? Brat :)
They are all so happy, and now are hovering around the door that leads to the garage...something that is probably going to get VERY annoying...oh well :)
They're worth it :)
This is the perfect picture to show just how freaked out Ace is...yeah...he will get over it. Apparently dogs with memory loss freak out over change. K...well, tomorrow he won't remember it's new....RIGHT? Don't worry...we gave him cookies, he didn't eat them, so we just petted him...he just wanted back in the house :) In due time.
I have to say,the dog that was the MOST excited about the new area is Even. Although she is normally the most excited about EVERYTHING. But she was just SO happy!
Because of the snow and ice, she can't be off leash outside in case she slips and lands on that elbow...still little things healing and we can't take any chances. So she gets to run all over the turf...she was SOOO happy :)
See? Love that smile :)
It's so much fun seeing her being a real dog again, she is running full time with the rest of the dogs in the house, plays with her sister, trains with me a bit and just enjoys her life so very much. She eats every, little, bit up :)
I think Ace will come around :)
And for your viewing pleasure :) The Turf Party :)

I am totally going to be working dogs tonight...So awesome...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you did a great job. So glad that you have Even back. I have been keeping up with your blog on Even and I a so, so happy for you and your family.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

So jealous of your turfed garage!! That space would work so well for a little Sheltie! :) Does the turf go right on top of the cement and then that makes it cushiony enough?

Loretta Mueller said...

Awww thanks Marla :) You are so sweet!

Chris--yes the turf is on top of the cement. It has several pounds of rubber pellets and sand as a "cushion" is very nice and supportive.