Friday, January 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

This week is going to be a bit of a whirlwind :)

Tomorrow--turf goes in...which means I will now have a lovely area of GREEN GRASS (how spring!!) to work my dogs on jumping, weaves, tables, tunnels, you name it--ok...not contacts (but I can fit 2/3 of a DW in there and if she can run into walls THERE, she can run ANYWHERE!!!!!) excited for my dogs to get worked more than once every 2 weeks!!! And just in time for a cold spell, single digits for the highs for the next week. Oh joy. I will be all toasty in my little area, working my dogs, enjoying the color green and seeing what skills need to be trained :) Or fixed :) I think I will have died and gone to heaven. I might put a margarita bar in the corner, have some drinks, crank up the heater and turn on my sun lamp. Dawn (did I really just type that?? WHO uses that word??) a pair of shorts, some flip flops and a t-shirt and lay in a lawn chair. Why you ask? BECAUSE I CAN...oh yes. BECAUSE I CAN.

My friend N (GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN!!) gave me some awesome ideas to help me with my obsession with Lynn's weave pole footwork. I am excited about working on this with her...many boring videos to follow I am sure :)

Sunday--Crackers decided he missed his Grandma B (the woman responsible for bringing the Crackhead into the world) he wanted to go down and see her :) So...we will be taking the crew down there and spending sometime running dogs at her barn, saying howdy and I am sure doing some training, laughing a LOT (B makes me laugh sooo much!) and getting some great work in with the dogs. I really enjoy working with B, I don't get down there enough. She is an amazing instructor and a great person a well. LOVE LOVE LOVE working with her! Andy gets a lot out of it too. So all win win :)

Then, heading down to Missouri on Tuesday with Spot and his owner Donna, Gator, Klink, Even and Lynn. Going down to work dogs ON SHEEP!!!! FIRST TIME SINCE THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER! YIPPEE!! We will be working dogs all day on Wednesday, and then heading back on Thursday. Which works out well as I can't teach in the barn due to the single digit weather forecast. I hate winter. Really looking forward to working with KK again. I had so much fun at the clinic, it will be nice to get some things to work on when spring comes like...MAY? :) Just kidding...sort of. KK is always so insightful with the dogs, she knows them inside and out, knows how they think and gets INSIDE their minds. I love that, and love seeing the changes in the dogs after working with her. I hope someday I am HALF as good :) Half would make me ECSTATIC :)
Plus, she is a riot to be around :)

And as I am writing this, I realize just how many amazing people are in my life, my friends, my teachers, my mentors, those of you who listen to my constant rambling and cussing and diet stories. I am very grateful for all of you :) I consider all of you friends :) Love ya! I am very blessed... all emotional for a bit...I felt like hugging someone...well...someone I know...who isn't sweaty...or smells funny. Yep, hugging a clean, person I know well. But I am in the house by I will just hug Zip.
Silence....................................................................ok done :) I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Then....a bit of a break, the Silvia Trkman seminar with Lynn and Crackers in the running contact seminar...and handling seminars. Where I will ask so many questions in my poor southern/northern hybrid accent she will have to have an interpreter to understand me. Then trialing and more trialing...

LOTS going on, lots of work and I have to remember to take pictures for my project. They might get REALLY weird from this moment forward :) LOL
Here's to busy weeks! And FIELD TURF, and GOOD FRIENDS, and GREAT PEOPLE, and all that stuff that makes you warm and fuzzy (ok not the perverted stuff....this is a PG-13 rated blog K? Don't be nasty...well...unless it's funny)...
This is your warning, there will be many herding pictures, and sheep pictures, and agility videos, and pictures of my turfed garage, and other random photos to help solidify I AM truly insane. You have been warned :)

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