Sunday, January 16, 2011

Foot Loose and Fancy Free!

Day 17: Footwork

After looking at the past weekend of trial videos...I realized, not only is Lynn double stepping the 24" WP's, she isn't HAPPILY doing it. She is frustrated, doing some squealing, some shoulder slamming and a some lack of confidence. Makes sense really, she swims 22" weaves. Throw 2 inches more spacing at her and she isn't sure what to do with her feet.

So...I have set out to fix that :)

I decided to use Susan Garrett's 2 x 2 weave pole method (or variation of it) to help her. Why? Well...because after watching the video awhile ago, I realized how it can be applied to a TON of things with all my dogs. So...why not?

I also use a bit of a variation of her 2 x 2 method to teach my dogs to weave anyway.

I just picked up my 2 x 2 poles with 24" spacing today. And thought, I have the "green room" which one of my students so rightly named it :) I can get home tonight and play around a bit!

So I did just that :) And here is the product of session 1:

I was happy with this first session...the plan is to add 6 more 2 x 2's, to help her with her footwork. It was neat watching her figuring things out. I like that about Lynn, she will go a bit slower while trying to think through something, then as soon as she knows the rules, she really goes :)

I plan on taping each session, just to make sure I am on the right track with her. Time will tell :)

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Sare said...

Fun! You can definitely see changes there. Nice work.