Monday, January 10, 2011


Day 11: TURF

Vittles currently loves us...she believes, without a doubt that we purchased a yard for her :)

Little does she know, as the field turf goes in, her "kingdom" will shrink...sorry Vittles :(

The turf is's lovely, all green and summer-like. Very plush and very cushy...just what we wanted. Doesn't everyone have field turf in their garage? No? Well...they should.Even thinks it is some kind of jungle gym...

So there it is...a GIANT roll of turf. Sitting in my garage...problem? It weighs around 1500 pounds. And no matter how much I work out, I can't move it. So we will have to figure things out on how to actually move the damn thing.

But for now it sits...And Vittles uses it as a REALLY expensive scratching post.

Is it wrong that I want to suddenly bring a space heater in the garage, unroll part of the turf,, put some shorts and a t-shirt on and just LAY IN THE GRASS barefoot? Pretend, just for a moment it is summer instead of winter?


Renate said...

Maybe a stupid question, but what exactly is field turf? Is it artificial turf? A kind of living grass? Also, where did you order it from?

Catalina said...

There is absolutly NOTHING wrong with that idea! :)
I would love to see something green - even fake grass is better than more snow.

Sare said...

If you have a partay to put it in, it should be a beach party! Never mind that the sand is outside mixing with the ice and snow!

Loretta Mueller said...

Renate--first off welcome to the blog! :) Hope to see you on here again!

It is artificial turf, consisting of about 2-3 inch blades of "fake grass". So mimics real grass, good footing :)

I ordered mine from a used turf place. Just google "Used turf" and you will find lots of different companies. is one of them

Loretta Mueller said...

Catalina--also welcome to you! :) I love green...and it does make it happier in the garage! LOL

Sarah--beach party sounds LOVELY!