Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture of the day and a whole lotta nuttin'...

DAY 12: And TWINS!!!!

When I bred Zip's litter...I wanted a "toned down" version of Zip...little did I know I would get a puppy that is almost a complete clone of her. Sometimes it's really cute...sometimes it's just creepy...

On the dog training front, after watching videos of my dogs this weekend, I have a list of things I want to work on with them in regards to agility.

Gator not really...he is such a wonderful boy (and feeling much better today!).

Klink = contacts...putting money back into the 2 on 2 off bank account...I hate stopped contacts...so annoying! LOL She was being naughty in that regard all weekend, either being slow and HOPING for a quick release or releasing herself...so we will be working on that a bit more.

Lynn, more jumping with a ton of EXTENSION...that killed her in Steeplechase :) The go go was more important than the up up. GO FAST...K...but like keep the bars up K Lynn? Thanks :)

I also want to get her on more 24" weave poles...she loves 22" and I just need to get the 24" and work her on them to see if her footwork will improve with confidence. I would LOVE for her to swim them like she does on the 22" poles. I think she CAN. So I am going to work some weaves at 24" and see how she progresses. Will probably be taking some video and if anyone is interested I will be putting it on here.

And me--handling and my mental game. My last run of the day, with Klink, I slipped a bit in my mental game. A place where I walked a front cross, many others did a serpentine. After watching everyone doing the serp, I doubted that maybe I shouldn't do the front cross. I ran her, I didn't do the front cross but attempted the serp...I caused her to pull off a jump and cost us what was a LOVELY run. BAD LORETTA! Walk your plan, stick to it. END OF DISCUSSION. You are only allowed to change if you are running Snooker.

So going to work on that...a mental game is important and without trialing I lost a bit of that. Need to get that back :)

And also...I realized that there are some people at dog shows, that, are not bad people (as I have thought before)...but people that bring out bad attributes in me. Some people are only like that at a dog trial. Some are like that all the time. But I don't want to get caught up into any of that stuff. The reason I don't care for them is because I see a bit of myself in those people and I don't want to be like that at all. So I worked on just staying a bit of a distance from those people. They aren't evil, just in a different place than I am. Worked out much better for me and I actually ENJOYED all the socialization during the trial. Haven't done that in a long time :) Not bad people, just bad for ME :)

On the crazy turf front, hopefully, if the bobcat dude can come, the turf will be installed and I can have place to work dogs in little sessions, I am super excited about this!!! Jumping, weaves and other little things! And not freezing my a** off! WOO HOO!!!!

Oh the fitness front...things are going very well, getting stronger, faster and enjoying being healthier :) Still losing weight...hope to keep that going!

And my reason for working out....the running DW...I am estatic to find out both Lynn AND Crackers got into the Silvia Trkman running contact seminar :) So excited :) It's nice because they are both such different dogs and I was really hoping they would get in :) WOO HOO!

Today 12 years ago, a puppy was born into rescue and I have had the blessing to have him in my life. Happy Birthday Ace! I didn't mean for you to eat the entire peanut butter cake I made for you...and I am sure we will ALL pay for it tonight, but who cares! I love you so much and you brighten my day. Even when you are totally not with us mentally :) I want to have a million more years with you, but I realize each day is a blessing :) Thanks for teaching me the ropes old man :)


Kathy said...

Those darn terriers. Your comment reminds me of husbands. We all love our husbands, but we don't always "like" them. LOL I am sure they think the same of us at times.

It is amazing how much Zip and Even look alike. Wow.

And the mental game on for when we compete is always a challenge.

Diana said...

I saw this show this weekend about bad dogs. This dog gave the term counter surfing a new Meaning. He would jump on to the counter , open cabinets and even use his mouth on the microwave door handle and open it. He would open the diahwasher and pick the plates up with his mouth and drop them on the floor. They tried locks and he learned to open them. he destroyed crates. Crazy dog!

Catalina said...

They do look like twins! Wow Crackers really is crackers. Mouse with pee broth - he is a connoisseur (or maybe conno sewer) of disgusting foods.
Really excited to see your field turf!

Taryn said...

Happy B-day to Ace!

Since you mentioned your mental game...Have you considered doing a post devoted to that? I would love to hear your views, what you do to work on it, etc. At a recent seminar, that was one of the things I was told I really need to work on.....