Monday, January 10, 2011

I am rusty :) Fo SHO!

We just got back last night from the ADAA USDAA trial held by the wonderful folks from Duluth, MN. A GREAT trial! Thanks to all the folks who made it happen!!!
We haven't trialed since USDAA Nationals...we have trained...well...a bit. But not really a ton. 5 minutes here and there when the temps get high enough :( So...I figured out this weekend that I get rusty...the dogs do too, but not NEARLY as bad as the handler :)
Things I learned: Confident running Lynn at the barn...NOT at a trial all the time...need to get more confident with those damn running contacts :) more Snooker with her. Work a GO ON...apparently she lost that during the winter...jumping...lots of stuff. BUT..good things:

Hit all her contacts :) No issues there. Weaves...NOT GOOD. She hates 24" weaves...NO idea why. She will swim 22" until the day is long....and then...24"...double stepping....I hate it, no...I loath it...need to figure that out. I wish I had a set of 24" channels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH! Ideas would be great :) Any and all will be entertained! LOL If you have a set I can borrow I would GLADLY rent them!!!! I just need to trust her and handle her...that's hard with a baby, but that's what she needs :) I'm not helping her any by being stupid out there...

A few interesting things about Lynn. She is starting to explode a bit :) Tugging became WAY TOO MUCH before her runs. Steeplechase was fast and furious and she did both, but totally forgot her jumping form :) LOL And the other dog in the ring during pairs is SUPER EXCITING!!! dog stuff is happening, BUT...that's how all my dogs have done, so I figured it would happen. So treats before runs seemed to help :) Tugging AFTER, not before. And she tried biting me (and did get me once) working on targeting to a leash...LOTS of that. Brat :) I love it!

Klink--if not worked on her 2 on 2 off contacts will not want to hold them...nuff said on that :) I wasn't connected to her much this weekend...I caused refusals on both her jumpers runs...damn. Otherwise she ran quite well...She did manage several Q's still, but I just felt disconnected. I HATE THAT FEELING! Ugh...need to work my dogs more...stupid winter! lovely. He does his job and what can I say? Felt very good running him. Although he didn't get to run in the last two classes today :( ADCH yet :( He went AWOL in Standard on Saturday...crossed IN FRONT of Andy and took an off course jump...naughty...Steeplechase went BEHIND him and took an off course tunnel...Um...SO NOT HIM.

Sunday was much better, but one glitch in Standard again meant no pretty bar or ribbon...they still managed several Q's anyway :)
Next try will be in February :)
All in all a good weekend...good seeing everyone I haven't seen in awhile :) Lots of great runs by lots of great dogs. A lot of fun!

Day 9: Lynn :) And her reflection in the glass coffee table :)

Day 10: Gator getting iced, and as you can see he looks VERY happy :) LMAO!
He will be fine in a few days...but for now, ice and Rimadyl...

I missed running him...REALLY missed it. We had to bow out of Steeplechase Finals and Jumpers...both classes I LOVE running him in. He is just my boy...Tater Salad aways gives all he has :) Makes me want my next BC (IN LIKE 5 YEARS) to be a boy.


kiwichick said...

Really nice despite you feeling rusty.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I would take what you call rusty any day!!

Hope Gator is feeling better today!

Love your photo of Lynn with the reflection!

Catalina said...

Looks like FUN!! Your dogs' weaves are amazing! Beautiful to watch!

Sarah Duke said...

I love the Lynn reflection pic too! And she looks AWESOME!!