Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sometimes ya just gotta walk...

It was above freezing today, for the first time in a long's that for a solid measurement? :)
I'm tired of winter, my dogs haven't been on sheep since the end of's cold, it's gloomy, for me it's miserable. Working sheep is my meditation, and when I can't do it...I just get depressed. Working out helps, eating better is helping, losing weight is helping...but really, herding is what keeps me sane. Probably one of the reasons I hate winter so much...
I needed some time to just get outside and enjoy the 33 degree temps, the SUN (hello love) and the dogs needed to run and not have their blankets on :) So far my "not walking dogs when it is below 10 degrees" rule is working this winter. No dogs are having muscle issues :) Knocking on wood.

I took pictures of course, I am obsessive like that...and as I was editing them...I got an idea...LOTS of pictures, working with different shutter speeds and a smaller Aperture (as there was TONS of light with the sun and the snow)...and I started just going through pictures...and writing down the first thing that came into my head when I saw the picture. It showed me just why my walks with them are so therapeutic :) So, I thought I would share my "mental break" with all of you. Here goes! :)

    Haulin' :)

    If you want something, go for it, and if what you want is tough to get, bring reinforcements...
    WTF Gator!?!?
    I didn't eat a turd today...yippee!
    When you find that someone special, keep them close to your heart.
    And protect it with your life :)
    Share your things with those less fortunate. (or smaller than you)...
    Even if you think sharing sucks...
    Enjoy the wind and sun on your face...and do it often.
    Sometimes stopping everything is good medicine...
    Be a nice person, but don't be a doormat.
    Sometimes shutter speed captures some really funny sh*t :)
    Keep your eye on the prize...remain focused :)
    There are times you need to hide from the world, it's OK...
    Patience is a virtue...
    Play! Never grow up!
    Have a beer!
    (Zip found this one in the ditch after I took away her toy as she was tearing it up--we call them "white trash puppy toys")
    And if you want to, have another!
    Family can be too much...Gator thinks so. Alone time is SACRED.
    Lynn is really REALLY :)
    When it's snowing, don't forget to stop and catch snowflakes!
    Together, we can conquer anything!
    Sometimes the thing you want most, just isn't going to happen. Accept it and move on.
    Struggles are part of life.
    Everyone is entitled to let their freak flag fly...whether you like it or not.
    And sometimes you just have to walk away :)
    Cheesecake is yummy. Lick the plate clean...
    If you see this happening, you are witnessing the moment before your dog gets a terrier enema. Be warned.
    Smile :) It makes all things better
    Stand proud, no matter what happens.
    Keep an eye towards the future, never look back with regret.
    There are times, giving someone the "stink eye" works.
    Even is super cute too...
    Places that make you feel safe are priceless :)
    There are times you will get in over your head...just close your eyes and it MIGHT go away...
    Betcha can't guess who these two dogs are!?!? Can ya????
    Parents watch over you, and will always love you. Even if you are doing something REALLY STUPID...
    Sometimes the underdog wins! KEEP TRYING!
    I love hikes with the dogs...they make me realize how good my life is :)
    365 day project starts January 1st, I am super excited...the pictures that describe my life for one will be great to look back on!

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    Robin said...

    You have the most wonderful life. I do enjoy your blog and your dogs.