Friday, December 31, 2010 I'm jumping the gun here :)

I decided to start my 365 day project today...why? I got this picture and I wanted to share it :) So Day 1--365 day project-done :)

On other news, I was very excited yesterday to see it raining was breaking down the snow and I can SEE MY PASTURE! All excited about getting the dogs out on sheep! Then, this morning I went outside to take the dogs potty and realized EVERYTHING is a skating rink. Damn. No herding...stupid winter!

Andy and I worked dogs yesterday at the barn (agility) and they did great. Lynn's dog walks are back to being consistent again :) And we are back to being able to turn her off of them. Good deal :) It will be fun to run her again in a trial, we have one in a couple of weeks. The goal with her, get her INTO MASTERS IN EVERYTHING. I hate running in two rings...bleck. If we can get 2 standard legs she will have her AAD and we will move up. Time will tell.

One thing I was thinking about, Mr. Teacher at our last lesson (ya know, when I failed to turn her off the DW) made the comment "so is that the challenging part?" referring to teaching the running DW or handling the running DW. I remember just laughing at him as I really can't say which is more difficult :) Right now, for ME it is the handling, but that is because I have the DW trained. Training the running DW isn't a walk in the park, it isn't for someone that wants to just get it trained in a month, or 3's a process, one that doesn't just have steps 1-2-3. And each dog will be different from the last.

It isn't for the faint of heart :) But it is a lot of fun, addictive when it works. I'm happy I taught it. In a way it has brought me back a bit more excitement for agility, when I was losing the motivation to train agility. So for that it is worth it :)

Klink and Gator were of course their normal lovely selves :) It is so much fun having older dogs who know their jobs and just do them. I love that :) Puppies are cute, but that foundation training stuff, I HATE it...yuck yuck yuck. I like trained :) I am like that in herding as well. Andy even ran Zip some...I have been working her in agility, minus A-frames and weaves...those are the back issue makers. It keeps her in shape and mentally happy when she can't work sheep :) Andy loves running her as she is a little power house and really challenges him to look at ALL LINES and make sure he is getting his timing right :)

ANYWAY...back to rambling (or was I rambling...oops)I am challenging Andy on his mental game, Crackers needs just one more Standard leg for his ADCH. And I want Andy to be ready to deal with the pressure. When he doesn't practice, he loses confidence. Which is a very interesting thing to me. I don't lose confidence in my abilities, I know what I have to do. And either it happens or it doesn't :) Andy informed me I am in the minority...I informed him I have worked on my mental game :) So I am having Andy run courses without walking them. He can stare at the course, but he CANNOT walk it. He has to rely on just his mental thoughts to get him through the course. It is starting to really work with him. His first few times were not pretty, but he is now just focusing on the fact that he knows his job and he needs to just do it. It's neat seeing that happen.

I just finished week 1 of a new workout regime, I love it and I am already seeing results from this first week. Today is my rest day (which is good as I am sick today). I am enjoying working out now, actually looking forward to it. Eating is going well, I will, on occasion slip up...but I am learning to not beat myself up about it. Start fresh the next day. I am noticing my speed is increasing while running my dogs. And I am able to slow down and speed up much faster. Acceleration being HUGE. So goals are getting met and I feel and look better. I haven't lost anymore weight after the 15 pound mark, but my body fat is going down and my pants are FOR SURE fitting better :) I am already down several sizes. Goals ;)

I need to print off my goals and post them on my wall, so I see them all the time. A constant reminder to work towards them. Goals are a good thing in my book. Without goals I just tend to wander through stuff. And at the end of the year I have nothing really accomplished.

Field turf for the garage is IN MINNESOTA, it will be at our house next week...then to try to get it put in and the doggies can play :)

2010 has been a very "interesting" year for me...lots of good and lots of bad. But things all happen for a reason, and I am ready for 2011 :) Happy New Year!


livin life said...

Good on ya...L for all the hard work on you physical well being! And you work and thought into the RDW!!!! I'm still trying to figure out what you can do faster.....there is a big fill in the blank my mind sort of took it from there! I am with's to 2011! Happy New Year!

D said...

365 days of photos~ how fun! Happy New Year!

Sare said...

I was thinking of doing a 365 but not sure I'll have enough time to do more than just a random shot of the day. Are you focusing on just one dog or any that presents a photo op?

Good goals, good for you for setting them.

Loretta Mueller said...

Thanks Lora :) Sometimes having something visual is a good thing.

Sarah, I am not doing just one subject. I figure it will just be 365 pictures of my life. All aspects :)

Dianna, it's going to be fun I think!

Casey said...

Happy New Year.....just found your blog...looking forward to visiting more.

Victoria, Bellingham, WA

achieve1dream said...

Happy New Year!

Loretta Mueller said...

Welcome Casey! Glad to see you found us :)

Achieve--Happy New Year's to you as well :)

Anonymous said...

On the Andy's mental game front, I like to torture, oops, help, some of my more mental game challenged students by setting an exercise, letting them walk it compulsively and then after walking time is done, changing a couple things on the exercise, no more walking allowed. I'd like to think it's to help them pay attention to where everything is on the course, in addition to what they think they're going to do (it's also super entertaining to watch their faces). Besides how hasn't walked a course and only noticed while another more attentive person is running, that you didn't walk the right course. ;-) The other one is let them walk it compulsively and then tell them how they have to handle it, obviously choosing ways they didn't collectively decide on doing. ;-)