Friday, December 10, 2010

Sheep Moving Party!

My friend Sarah Thoreen got me the CD of the pics she took of the great sheep move :) 7 miles, a flock of sheep, dogs, 4-wheelers and people :) Fun fun fun!

And we are off! Klink and I are riding on the back of the ATV in the front. We had several stops to make to get the sheep across that was Klink's job. Stopping the entire flock, check for traffic and then jump back on the ATV and ride until the next stop. One of the the left you can see Klink and I, we had stopped the flock and I was calling her off so they could push the sheep through the intersection.

After that, we had one hard turn to take to get them on a set of railroad tracks. Klink handled that perfectly...and we began down the tracks. Klink did a great job! Shortly after that we switched dogs and it was Zip's turn. Another gal had two dogs with her as was nice to be able to switch off so the dogs didn't get too tired. Pushing then along tracks. It was nice having two dogs to push them...after a few miles the flck was getting tired and quite heavy. Zip tucking in sides...SHE felt the sheep should be moving MUCH faster :) Sorry Zip.The group :)Another shot of the sheep on the tracks.See ya later!Come on girls...just a bit more...We hit a crossroad and the sheep wanted to go any direction that didn't involved the Zip had to keep them going forward...which took a bit of effort. But she got it done. Holding that side.Almost got them all going...Done! Good job Zip. And they're off again...down the tracks. Almost home... Just a bit more...and they were in the field. Done :) Tired dogs...tired people, tired sheep.

Well....except Gator...he came in case I needed him, but Klink and Zip were good to he was a bit miffed. He kept Sarah company :) This is a photo of Klink after I switched her and Zip out...she was NOT happy :) THAT is what a great Sunday is to me!