Friday, December 10, 2010

Goals for 2011

All this talk about goals got me thinking...I know, I know...I wish I had something original to post on the blog...but's winter, it's cold and I am just not in the mood.

So lets look to Spring!! :) OK goals...

I need to lose a good amount of weight...running dog walks/A-frames are LOVELY...and I can now officially TURN Lynn of the dog walk, away from me, towards me, like every time :) SAWEEEET! So I need to get my ass smaller so I can BE THERE...or at least be faster :)Going well so far...down 9 to KEEP GOING...

Run Klink in Pro-Novice, with an eye on Open :) If Open happens, GREAT!

Get Lynn, Gator, Crackers & Klink qualified for Nationals and go to Regionals (hopefully 2 of them).

Andy needs one more Standard leg for his my job, prepare them...and give him some Xanax before his run :)

Get Even working sheep more...and see about agility if it is an option. If not, get the peanut trained up...

Lynn...agility and herding...I would love to get her ADCH this season...but that is probably going to be pretty damn lets settle for her being in Masters and maybe her MAD. She is doing really well, maturing...and she needed a lot of maturing...she is by far the latest maturing dog I have ever trained :) So we will see how she does....first trial in January!

Learn to block out people...and their behaviors...I love it when someone, who views competition a LITTLE too seriously, gives me a congrats, and they have to choke it out...and they look ridiculous...and it isn't real...and I am never sure why they are bothering...other than maybe trying to look like a good "sport"?? That annoys me. Don't bother...really. I don't do agility so everyone can say congrats. If I did, I wouldn't be in the sport that long! LOL

When people do well with their dogs at Nationals, and after having a lovely Finals run, take their dog to a corner, tell them to lie down, throw a toy at them and then run around to everyone else while their dog just LAYS there, by themselves...I find that rude...your teammate is the DOG. Not every other human within 100 feet of you. The anxiety people feel, the "what if my dog totally bombs out" gets to me after 6 days...the main reason I take 6 to 8 weeks off after Nationals. Yes I am aware there are tons of lovely people at Nationals...but the few people who are freaking out just gets to me. It is JUST AGILITY... Again...need to work on that. I found this harder being inside...not sure why...but I did.

I am not a headphone wearing person...I do enjoy talking to people and I just don't want to shut out the entire world...maybe just a few people :)

On a positive note...I met several people who read my blog at guys are AWESOME! :) Hopefully you will be back at Nationals next year!

Train my dogs more! LOL I am really bad at this...I prefer to go hiking with them, or just be goofy, swimming is put on the back burner a lot :)

Enjoy trialing with da hubs more...he is settling in, not as nervous anymore...which is a good thing. I am looking forward to this year, a bit less anxiety for Andy :) And thus, Loretta!

Work on making sure my handling (in agility AND on sheep) is consistent and makes sense to my dogs--why I have Mr. Teacher and KK clinics...

Get more lessons and attend as many KK clinics as I can :) Which is going well...I have agility lessons scheduled for the next 2 months with Mr. Teacher...and a KK clinic in March...good stuff.

Pray Mr. Teacher doesn't want to kill himself dealing with me...and also KK...or kill me...either way, no likey :)


Work on trying to get a massage...this will be huge if it happens...I don't like strangers touching me...I am not a hugging person if I don't know you...or only know you a bit. I have no issues hugging my friends and family...but yeah. Hugging everyone just isn't me :) So the thought of having a person give me a massage sort of makes me wanna throw up a little...I have been told it is good for the body and I am going to try...maybe intoxicated...but I will try...once at least.

NO, if a person I don't know comes up and hugs me, I don't whip out a knife and stick them...I just don't feel comfortable. I don't run away, I don't scream...I just well...don't enjoy the hug. If that makes any sense? LOL Now everyone is going to think I am some freak...oh well, at least you can say my blog is real :) And others will take the time to hug me just because they know I don't like it...brilliant...why did I post that goal?

Adding this on now...To get better with people hugging me...crap...

Push my students more...they are all probably reading this and going WTF!!?!? :) But many of them need to be pushed out of their comfort's good for them :)

Visit my family more...that one is pretty self explanatory...I miss them.

Be as optimistic as that doesn't mean I will be running around all giddy with rainbows and unicorns following me, that is NOT me...but just focus on the GOOD in life...and ignore the dogs do :)

Think I am going to do the 365 day photo project...starting January 1st...sounds fun and I think will be great to look back on (thanks Tori and Marcella!)

I am sure I will add more, but this is a start :)


manymuddypaws said...

those are all great goals. i think it is important when making goals to make sure they are realistic.

oh, and I totally get you about the hugging/touching thing. Creeps me out.

Kathy said...

Goals are good.

Seriously, some people will just go put their dog in a corner with a toy and run around themselves? That is so wrong on so many fronts.

And I agree with you on the hugging thing. I am not a huggy person either. I have had to learn to hug in-laws and such. My body space is mine.

Kelly said...

And here I thought I was the only one out there with "hugging issues".....Yeah right there with you on that one. My goes further than just hugs though. I don't like people who I don't know or only know a little to touch me at all....and they all seem to want to touch your arm when they are talking to you. Sigh...yes I know I am nuts

Sarah Duke said...

LMAO, I'm with you on the hugging! Your goals sound awesome!

Debra Kay said...

The first agility trial I ever saw was the AKC Nationals the year it was held in Denver. During the little dog class-an awesome little jack ran a beautiful round and the handler ran right out of the ring and began celebrating with people-while the little dog followed behind wagging his tail furiously. My eyes teared up for that little dog who worked his heart out.

I'm mean, yeah it's the Nationals-but without that little dog-the person would not be there either.