Monday, December 6, 2010

Not Gonna Happen...and total randomness.

After much debate on whether to put Gator out there for the World Team stuff, I have decided to not try for it. There were several reasons, but the biggie was MONEY. I can't afford all the travel to all the Regionals...well I COULD possibly, if I only ran Gator...

So where does that leave Lynn, Klink and Crackers? Home. That's a huge issue. Andy would have to give up some trialing so we could afford to send Gator and I places...that is not fair. He disagreed with me on this, said he would support me, but realistically...that is just selfish of me. I won't do that to him. He loves agility WAY more than I do...and has one dog, a good one that he works hard with. He deserves to go to trials as well.

Sure...Klink will be scaling back on trials due to herding, my plan is to for sure run her in Pro-Novice this year...and if she does well, hopefully Open. I will still be training her in agility, and running at Nationals etc etc. but that won't be my main focus with her. But Lynn, this will be her first season of really trialing...and I want to get her into Masters and well on her way to ADCH. If I focused on just Gator, that wouldn't happen. there ya go. I want to do too many things with too many dogs :) I am bummed a bit, I really wanted to see how he would do, just as a goal...but I can make newer and better goals for the dogs :) I want to get Lynn qualified for Nationals (as well as Klink and Gator)...which might be a pretty tough goal!! :)

And another thing...which might not seem like much...but this is important to me. My friends Jen and Shelley, we have a permanent DAM team. One we do every trial :) I love being on a team with them, they are great, everyone is supportive, laid back and I miss them if I don't get to team with them!! We did really well this year, got 5th place at Nationals...which is cool...but if I moved Gator to 26", I couldn't team with them (Pyro retired and we now added Jen's younger dog Danger, who jumps 16" Mesa at 22, Danger at 16 and Gator at...yeah. Probably sounds crazy to most of you, that being a reason, but it is. I enjoy running with my FRIENDS, sure, doing well is fun, but I have FUN with that team...I don't want to not have that.

So there ya go. I wish everyone good luck and I will be cheering all of you on :)

On other news...Even is still sound...and is now getting time off leash with the rest of the pack on walks!!! She is VERY happy. I am hoping to get down to KK's place in Missouri this winter to work her on sheep...I really like her...if I haven't said that like 70 times already :) I am so happy she was able to handle working sheep!!!! :)

Sunday's sheep moving was a lot of friend Sarah took some pics, so I will try to get them posted here as soon as she sends them to me :) Took us about 3 hours to move the flock 7 miles. I switched out between Klink and Zip. Zip felt that the sheep needed to move MUCH faster...she will be 8 in April and STILL acts like a crazy 2 year old sometimes :) Another gal had her dogs with and between 4 dogs total, we got them moved with no fuss. The owner wants to move them again in the spring and we already said SURE :) Great work for the dogs...and some pretty cool pictures too! Here is a little preview :)

Going under a main highway on the RR tracks...


Debra Kay said...

I think it's called setting your priorities=and it sounds like you got them straight and are happy!

(By straight I mean straight for you-that phrase always sounds like getting them "right" and no one can decide that but you).

Loretta Mueller said...

Awww thanks :) You are very sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that. Life is about balance. Recognizing that is hard sometimes.

Good luck with the other goals ;-)