Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lambs are gone!

They were taken to the sale barn yesterday, we should get a good price on them as they looked great, good weights, good size, nice uniform group of lambs. We sold several of the lambs from this years crop to local people, which was nice.

We did keep back 4 ewes as replacements for next year. Spot, the one with the black knee, the two ewes from the triplet lambing, and one nice lamb from my favorite ewe Lulu. The plan is to keep Jello the ram until he is done doing his job, then ship him and his little buddy the wether off to the sale barn. We will have to get another ram by this next fall, but that is fine.

SO now that the lambs are gone, we will be putting the 4 replacements to work with the young dogs. Lynn hasn't gotten a ton of sheep time due to running in agility, but I want to get some work done on her before the Kathy Knox clinic in November. Her last agility trial is in about a week, so I will be letting her take a break from that. Spots owner is going to come over to work him, and one of my agility students has a BC they want to work using the method I follow.

Even can't work stock yet, but...the good news on her is I think we are over the bad part of her surgery rehab. She is not limping hardly at all now, and we start underwater treadmill workouts tomorrow! :) I hope to have her ready to start working sheep this spring if not sooner :)

After Nationals, I always give my dogs at least a month off of agility. I think it is good to let them just be dogs for a bit. I will start working Klink and Lynn more on sheep after that. For now, Klink and Gator's lives will be agility. Working basics, jumping, contacts all the crosses etc. It is hard doing both sheep work and agility...not enough time!

I am toying with the idea of Klink not running agility next year, just doing sheepdog trials, but we will see. The problem is, all the sheepdog trials around here (so like....5 of them) are on USDAA weekends...and we only have 8 local USDAA trials! So that makes it hard...we will see...time will tell what I decide :)

Lynn is doing great with her training, getting faster, contacts are lovely, I am starting to be able to consistently turn her off the dogwalk :) That is a good thing!

So just getting ready for Nationals...I am doing sprint work on the treadmill, working on strength and speed. Eating better, all that crapola :) Excited to be going to Louisville...Regionals really made agility fun for me again :)


Happy said...

yayy! Lynn needs more videos then :)

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL! I will definetly work on that :) Just uploaded one today...not agility though :(