Friday, September 17, 2010

Endurance Training

I have been taking the dogs on 2 hikes a day getting them ready for Cynosports...thought this am, WHY am I doing that?? Other than I do like to hike around with them :)

I have sheep...and I could be working my dogs on Loretta, you are a smart one aren't you? Geesh.

So we worked sheep this am, Gator working on driving and stretching him out. He is a very scopey dog by nature, so driving is something we constantly work in. He is really understanding pushing into the pressure point on the drive now. Which is great :)

Klink I am working on clean flanks (her eye brings her in like a freight train if I don't keep her honest). She is pacing down nicely (well at 5 she should be!) and I am also really working her on her whistles, take what you are given. Freeing that eye up a bit, she is getting it :) Shedding is coming along very well...she has lost all that tension for coming in. She is doing a great job getting in there, and taking the group I want. Lots of fun!

I also worked her on a few blind longer outruns (500+yards) and she did the very nicely! :) Some of the sheep had drifted(I need someone to come out and hold sheep for me! Anyone?? LOL) and they were about 100 feet or so from the other group. Klink started off going right at the bigger group...and I just waited to see what she would do. She has a tendency, when she sees another group of sheep, to get pulled in. But instead, she saw the second group, bent off the pressure and got them all, GOOD GIRL!

Zip is just moving sheep around, into and out of the roundpen, to the barn, shedding some off if needed after Klink is tired etc. She likes chores :)

Lynn was in the roundpen this am, she is getting a bit naughtier, wants to fall in on the end of her flanks...which,the big field helps her win :) So back to the roundpen we go, working on giving to pressure, and she is doing really well. I am hoping to get some video of her working this weekend. She is a lovely girl, lots of style, wants to find distance and hold it. I am really enjoying working her!

It is so nice to be able to work the dogs...I swear it is my own personal Valium!

On a great note, Lynn and I got into the Silvia Trkman seminar on running contacts and a handling seminar with Silvia as well :) SO excited!

Gator got fixed today, his neck was a mess from the jump crash, as I state again, thank doG it wasn't a tire! YIKES! I really wish displaceable tires would be the norm. I would gladly take a 5 point fault than have my dogs needed rehab! Someday hopefully!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I also got into the running contacts seminar from Silvia and couldn't be more excited!!!

I don't know anything about herding but it sounds like the dogs are doing great and having fun!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Wow - it's awesome that you got into Silvia's seminar! It will be so amazing to work with her!

Monique said...

Move to WA and I'll hold sheep for you

fulltiltbcs said...

Awesome LL & V! I will see you there then! :)

I am so so so excited! :)

Monique---don't tempt me!! LOL Still thinking of that trip!