Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lynn's First Day of Trialing :)

Well that is over :) Lynn's first day of trialing...whew :) She ran in Gamblers, Standard, Snooker and Jumpers. Gamblers was pretty good, though she was a bit non responsive to deceleration :) LOL And I was a bit frazzled as well. Still managed to get a Q and 1st out of it :) Her dogwalk was good considering she was dealing with a new dogwalk :) A-frames were lovely and her teeter was cautious, but good. Standard was an NQ from the time I stepped to the line. It was a 90 degree turn off the dogwalk, not ready to do that to her at her very first trial :( So I opted to go forward off the dogwalk and off course. SHE however...decided after the dogwalk that her ringzee was SOMEWHERE outside of the ring and I had to call her back in :) LMAO! And she was a bit crazy, but not bad :) Her dogwalk was LOVELY..perfect..just perfect :) Good girl! Snooker---Q and 1st place--she was a bit barky, but I figured that with Snooker, however, she decided she was OK sending to jumps and that I was IN HER WAY...well yeah don't send to jumps and I have to stay there longer..HUSH! So some cussing was in order....and then after the A-frame she FLEW to the left ( I would be on the OTHER side of the A-frame mind I had to call her back to me..which made the WP entry crazy :) So she missed that...but recovered to do well. far my FAVORITE run, she actually was sending, connected to me and listening...I caused one bar, she had one bar. So we were even :) I was soo happy with this run. Excited about tomorrow!!! Wish us luck!!!

Here is my favorite part of her run today :)

Gator and Klink did well, da momma wasn't so great, my foot is killing me and it was hotter than hell outside!

Gator won Grand Prix and got that voucher for regionals :) Klink came in 2nd...and they got other Q's as well :) Onto Sunday!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

All sounds fantastic (except the heat and your foot - hope it's better today) - congrats to a great debut with Lynn!!! LOVE her DW!

Good luck today too!

Taryn said...

Sounds like a nice start to Lynn's agility career! Congrats!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks ladies! I am super proud of my kiddo :)