Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomorrow's the day...

Lynn's first trial...crazy :)

I am very excited to see where she is in her training :) I have no expectations and just want her to have fun. Which is a great place to be.

I honestly do not know what she will do, and that is going to be very interesting figuring out :) Did I mention I love this dog?

Dog walks are looking very good, her weaves will not be exactly what I want, she will probably be double stepping, but that is OK, I have plenty of time to work on that. She is just entered in Starters classes anyway. But she is running well :)

I was thinking today, many of you have known Lynn since she was born...started reading my blog when the puppies were growing up and now you are seeing Lynn turning in to a lovely herding and agility dog...and I think that is super cool :) Thanks for watching my little split faced pup throughout her life.

I am planning on taking video yes...I have had my life threatened if I didn't so I have no choice! No mater what Lynn does, I get to go home with my girl, and no one else gets that privilege. So for that I am very lucky.

People's behavior got me down this past week, I always expect too much from others, and that isn't good. But I have lots of amazing friends, many that will set me straight if I need it, wonderful dogs, an amazing husband (who is also my best friend) and a great life. Being grateful for what I have, should be what I use my energy on, not on what others are doing. Things can be gone in a heartbeat...and I need to realize that and focus on what I have, today :)

Next week is the week we hopefully find out about our building that could be going up...please keep your fingers crossed things go well :) If it doesn't happen, then it wasn't meant to be, but please lets all hope it is meant to be!

Even is continuing to make big strides...I get to do lots of fun exercises with her, and I forgot how much fun she is to train! She will work forever, try over and over again and never give up. Her dramatic approach to life is contagious and it is hard not to smile around Even :) She is so very much, in the moment, and I am striving to be more like her.

Be grateful, Be happy and Enjoy Life :)


Carolyn West said...

Good luck tomorrow! Based on the video and your training of her I predict that she'll shine and you'll have a blast! :)

kiwichick said...

shandy12Good Luck. I am one of those that has read your blog since the puppies were born and thoroughly enjoy it. My friends have Wind and love her to pieces.

andrea said...

best of luck - have a BLAST!!