Sunday, July 25, 2010

If you ever think you know it all about dogs...

...go to a herding clinic :) You will very quickly realize just how much you don't know!

Herding is the hardest, most frustrating, most amazing and most rewarding thing I have ever done with my dogs. Love it :)

After leaving Maryland with my bionic puppy (aka Even Steven) I headed out ot Council Bluffs Iowa to attend a Kathy Knox clinic. I really enjoy working with Kathy, she is great at explaining things, great at showing me what the dog is doing, and how to help them. I always pick up some amazing things at every clinic.

This weekend was no exception :) I had planned on just putting Lynn in, since I have no round pen (that is hopefully going to be changing) and this would be a great opportunity to get a lot of work done with her.

Lynn is lovely...Kathy wanted to take her home and was very definite in that statement :) Lynn has a lovely amount of eye, great feel, handles correction well and I just loved working her. She was not bending like she should, but with a bit of help from Kathy she was awesome :)

Klink was just along for the ride, and although on Friday was a good girl, moving sheep during the clinic etc, on Saturday I decided her work that morning gave her a pass to get her fuzzy butt put in the clinic. She was slicing the ends of her that got fixed :) I have some fine tuning to do with her, and some polishing...but she was already freeing up a lot by the 2nd turn today. So I just need to be pickier, and she will be doing well :)

I did give one wrong flank this weekend, when will I ever stop doing that?? Oh well, one wrong for the weekend, maybe next time it will be none? Watching Klink, making sure she doesn't fall in, making sure she lands correctly, pace, sheep, draws etc. Apparently my brain short circuits every once in awhile....getting older will do that to you I guess??

Even was good, just chilled in her kennel, the woman giving the clinic was very kind to us and let me keep her in the air conditioning because it was so god awful hot! UGH!!!!

She is doing well, bandages are off her legs, she is walking, no limp that I can see!!! I start the first part of PT with her tomorrow...and they want her to get some Adequan injections which will probably start this week.

Got to see Zing from Zip's litter work, she is a fun little girl! Very cute and reminds me of a cross of Lynn and Even :) And then Spot got to work as well, he is really keening up nicely and looked good! The litter seems to be doing well on stock so far :) I have a few pictures and I will share those later.

I took Monday off, then teaching for a few days, then heading to an agility seminar for 4 days...a few days off sounds good! :)

Will update more and put on some pictures later...


livin life said...

So I had Jack K here with me last month and he was helping me sort out my Nell. He asked me to send her on an outrun and on the fetch...he asked me to whistle an away...sheep were off line so I whistled a come bye. He said whistle an away I gave another come bye. He asked me to stop he and looked at me and told me she does not know her whistles! How embarrasing to be giving the wrong one!! I was fixing the line and he was wanting me to put her into the pressure! He called Nell over, patted her head and told her he was so very sorry! :)

fulltiltbcs said...

LOL Lora! Glad to know it isn't just me that does that. I felt like a total moron :) Oh well, maybe someday...sigh...I wish I could have taken video of Lynn to show everyone, she was awesome! :)