Thursday, July 22, 2010

Even Update...

Well...traveling from Maryland to Iowa with a dog recovering from surgery is not exactly on my list of "wonderful times I wish to have before I die" but we made it :)

Even is doing well, she had a few "intestinal distress" moments in the car...ok, probably more than a few but my brain decided to forget most of them (just due to the trauma it produced on my mind)...I am sure Klink's brain is trying to get rid of those thoughts as well :)

Even is looking like something off of Flashdance...with her sexy purple compression bandages from her toes to her armpits and she is now sporting a super sexy mens size Medium t-shirt.

Yes she does have a lovely e-collar (as in Elisabethan--NOT shock collar)...but when you put it on her she acts as if she can't move. So after watching her stand still as can be with her eyes bugged out, pupils fully dialated for 15 minutes in the car, I decided to just put a shirt on her. Immediately she fell asleep and was good to go. Brat :)

She is walking, a bit slow and with the gait comparable to when you put scotch tape on a cats feet (yeah you are all going OH THAT IS SO MEAN TO PUT TAPE ON A CATS FEET!)...whatever, you have all done hush ;)

But she is doing well....bandages come off soon and rehab starts....and icing and all that fun stuff!!! Will add more updates when I am not so damn tired...


Kathy said...

I guess you can cross that one off of your bucket list. Travel cross country with dog recovering from surgery --- Check.

fulltiltbcs said...

Yeah...something I would rather not EVER do again...yuck.

Hind sight 20/20 I would have waited a day before leaving. Much easier on both Even and I!