Monday, July 26, 2010


What a crazy past 8 say I am tired is HUGE understatement!!!! I am exhausted :)
Prior to Even going into surgery I figured I would let her have one last yahoo moment :) So I took the pups (klink came along for moral support) to a park and let them play.
Which, because it was 95...lasted about 3 minutes :)

Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!

Run Even Run!

Minnesota puppies don't do Maryland summers well!

After Even's surgery, I spent the evening (while she was recouping) with my friend Chris. She let me tag along with her to her agility class with Rosanne Demascio. Awesome class, hard and challenging. FUN! Rosanne is very nice and a lot of fun :) Nice to get to meet her in person :) Gave me some great things to work on with Klink. Thanks Rosanne!

Then we packed up my poor car (she was getting tired I think) and Wednesday we headed to Iowa for the Kathy clinic. Even did OK, had some issues with tummy troubles, but she finally got over those..THANK GOODNESS!!!

The clinic was awesome :) I got to see Spot an Zing work stock and that was so much fun! The pups are all doing great on stock, so much fun to watch! I did get a few pictures of Spot working...he made some huge changes over the weekend :)

I already talked about Lynn, so if you didn't read my previous post....back up one :) Zing was an awesome little girl as well, lots of fun. I wish I would have remembered my camera when she was working! UGH!! Oh well, I will see her again :)
Then Klink...I love this dog, I really do, but sometimes she can be quite a bugger. We got it worked out but I have some polishing to do for sure :) She is not an easy dog, her eye draws her in at times as if you literally had a rope tied to her neck and jerked her in. So we are freeing her up. Her eye doesn't make this easy ( she isn't sticky by ANY means--just easily gets sucked into pressure quickly). She was really freeing up though :)
She so reminds me of Jake here...

Klink, sheep, me...and the gorgeous sky = heaven for Loretta
Pace!! SEEEE! PACE!!!!!!!!!!
Klink again looking like Jake :)
Amazing clinic as usual, I love working with Kathy...and it was so much fun seeing all the changes in the dogs...always so fun!
Da puppers!!!!
Left to right
Patty, Zing (was Gin), Lynn, Loretta, Even, Spot and Donna
It is so very good to be home :) I did get to meet several people that I have gotten to know through Facebook and my blog. That was awesome too!
I will be heading out on Thursday to an agility camp with Jen Pinder, Rachel Sanders and Rhonda Carter. Should be a great time!!! I need some time off though!

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livin life said...

Okay...please put me on your breed her Jake....I want a bitch and the bitchiest one you can produce :) These photos make my heart sing. Sigh....sure wish we lived closer!!!! How proud a moment to have produced such a nice, uniform improvement to our breed! Kudos!