Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I LOVE my Stewie :)

That would be Lynn :) Lewwie, Stewie...ya know ;)

Today was the first time I put Lynn on her contacts in the rain. And she did GREAT! Her dogwalks are normally about 1.2-1.4 seconds, but today she was a bit more cautious and was running 1.5's.

I am OK with that :) She can be cautious on wet contacts :) I like that versus the I WILL KILL MYSELF but won't slow down approach!
I am adding different things after the dogwalk, nothing phases her on the up contact...tunnels, tables, weaves, chutes whatever. But the down she has had to get used to things being there besides a jump or tunnel :) The first time I put a tunnel under the dogwalk she was like WTF!?!? But now she doesn't care :) Lots to train.
I am working on turns, and she IS turning now...VERY WIDELY, but greatly improved from the I DON'T HEAR YOU AND I WILL TAKE THAT JUMP AHEAD...K? that I did have :) I think I will go back to just the downplank and work with just turns more...and run the full dogwalks with straight aheads for awhile longer. Always something new to work on :)
She didn't even bat an eye at the A-frame...she is so confident on that :) I am adding harder turns into tunnels etc. she just gets it. FUN! The teeter (which we learned this past weekend) she was a bit more cautious on (as normally she is PSYCHO about the teeter!)...again..caution is good :)
Weaves are coming along well (for what we practice of them..not much!) and she is on the verge of single stepping, and is throwing some of those in....won't be much longer until she is single stepping her weaves :)

This is SOO much fun! Thinking about having that running dogwalk at a TRIAL....scares the living crap out of me!
Tomorrow we totally switch gears and Lynn and her brother Spot are off to work stock! I am going to try to get video :)

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Snowdrop said...

Fab. We did a bit of agility with our collie. Sadly he is now too old.

You might appreciate this.