Sunday, May 9, 2010

No wind!?!? Sun?!?? Warm Temps!?!??!

Ahhhhh....what a GREAT day! No trials, no work, no nothing, other than just hanging out at the house :)

Happy, happy little boy! Zip doing her "I can entertain myself NO PROBLEM" dance :) Shake it Zippity! Like yo mamma gave it to ya! GO GO GO! Zip + Jollyball = Heaven :) Sheer Joy! One of my favorite Crackhead pictures :) Zippity Zoom :) Here you can see some similarities...wish Even was in this photo as well! Whatcha doing!?!? Gator Tator Salad! HI! I'M LYNN! HI! I GOTTA BALL! HI! Zippity...look at all the grays :-(( Klink...always watching :) Don't take my jolly ball!I have the frisbee, can you tell? ;)Zip showing us her line dancing moves... GOT IT!!!I am being serious...honest... LOOK at all the drool....seriously Zip....turn off the faucet in your mouth! Lynn...what more is here to say? Gator...looking all regal :)Border Collie SANDWICH! And the sad thing is? Crackers actually thinks he has control of this situation! THROW IT! INCOMING!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!! MINE MINE MINE MINE!

I miss Even...I miss her lots...all the little things that come up at times that remind me of her...this is hard. I am not the type to leave my dogs...I have all my dogs because I LOVE all my dogs, I enjoy spending time with them and I love having them around. Things are going forward with her treatment though...and that is what I am concentrating on. But I can't wait to have her back. Those that are around when I get her, please be ready to deal with a lot of crying :)

Meanwhile...keeping myself busy, Lynn's running dogwalk is doing well, I am sequencing it and so far she is adjusting very well :) Her A-frame is SOLID, teeter looks great, weaves great, and I am doing lots of jumping stuff.....things are coming together...who knows, I might be able to trial her by the fall? Then she AND I might be ready for the running contacts :) HA!

Zip needs 2 more jumpers legs for her Performance APD...then she retires for good from agility and we just work her on sheep :) Sounds good to her I think! I will really miss running her though :) But I won't miss worrying about her all the time...

Onward and upward!


Taryn said...

Love the second Border Collie Sandwich shot! That's one for a photo contest for sure!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks Taryn!! :)