Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Even Steven update!!!!!

Life is hard for Even...she is treated like a dog, chained in the backyard...beaten, starved and....

Laying on the bed!?!?!? Good lord. I am not sure if I'll be able to get her in the van due to her GIANT HEAD...will she even want to come home!?!?

Even went in for another checkup at TOPS, things are looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!! The one tiny area in the triceps is still thickened, but she is otherwise normal. The rehab has been increased to:
Increase leash walks by 5 minutes every 2 days. She has been doing 10 minutes 3 times daily, so will increase to 15 minutes now, then slowly up to 30 minutes.

As she does this, she will start to jog her for 1 minute at 5 minutes in the walk, then 1 minute at 10 minutes, increasing the jog time by 1 minute per set (so 2 minutes at 5 minutes, 2 minutes at 10 minutes) when she increases the walk time.

Next week she should be ok to jump 3-4 12" jumps with 1-2 tunnels twice during the week.

She does not need another laser till next week. Dr. Jurek at TOPS would like to get her back to doing everything she was doing at home (not necessarily same amount but at least the same stresses on her body) within 4 weeks. Dr is hoping that she'll only need 2-3 more laser treatments!! They usually treat 1-2 times beyond when they can feel a problem, just to be thorough and make sure there is no residual issues that are too tiny to feel.

I could have my Steven back by mid June if things keep going as planned!!!!!!! I so miss my girl! But she is getting GREAT care! She is getting exercise and is calming down again and not being out of her mind with nothing to do! SOOOO happy!

Thanks to everyone for thinking good thoughts for my girl!!!! Things are looking UP!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hurray! Thanks for sharing the great news!!

fulltiltbcs said...

No problem! I am so happy she is getting better so fast! I miss my girl but this is so awesome for her!! :) Thanks so much for all the positive thoughts!