Friday, November 13, 2009

Scottsdale Day 3

Today we ran Team Standard, Steeplechase Semi-finals, and Grand Prix Quarterfinals :)

This morning our team was 33rd out of 175 teams--they take 30 to we are on the the team did great today...hoping we got over that bubble!!!!! So keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Steeplechase was just bar :-((( But she had a great time and I didn't check to see how it ranked with everyone..figure I will see that tomorrow...she had a good run and did really well for me, so I am very happy with my Stinky Pete :)

Team Standard, both dogs ran clean and Gator was sitting at 7th place when I last checked...Klink was lower because I have to really watch her contacts more....but she was still clean.

Grand Prix Quarterfinals--both dogs clean so we are in the Semi's.....not sure on times, but they ran very well and very fast! Gator ended up 9th place, Klink was lower 22nd (again she has the slower contacts...need to work on that!!)...but I was happy with both of them :)

So tomorrow Team Gamblers and Grand Prix Semi-finals--keeping fingers crossed!!!!!

I am so very proud of my dogs, they are running so well, listening and doing their jobs...I am so very blessed to have Klink and Gator :)


Debra Kay said...

Good luck-your dogs are lovely!

Debra Kay said...

Good luck-your dogs are lovely!