Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scottsdale Days 1 and 2

Sorry I haven't been able to update...the internet connection in my room is basically crap :)

Yesterday was just European Standard, a challenging course and both Gator and Klink ran well :) Klink ended up 7th and Gator ended up 8th. Both dogs ran great and I was happy to see that after 28 hours in a van they were not going completely crazy!!! Times were 34.10 for Klink and 34.12 for Gator :)

The weather was very warm and keeping poor Klink cool was a bit of a challenge since she has already grown her winter coat!

I got to meet Wind and Vantage (Lil and Tweed from Zip's litter) and BOY have they grown! Here are a few pics of them :)

Today the weather was MUCH cooler :) We ran three courses today, Team Jumpers, Team Snooker and Steeplechase Quarterfinals.

I walked all my courses between 8 and 9 am...and didn't start running until 2:15! Yikes! Talk about mental preparation! Team Jumpers was first: Gator and Klink both ran clean, last I checked Klink was in 5th place and Gator was in 10th.

Team Snooker was...well...very challenging! Many teams didn't fare so well with this course and I have to say I was happy with how my dogs did. Klink ran PERFECT...until she sucked into me at 5B in the closing...TWEET! Gator ran great as well, but we had a bit of a moment of "miscommunication" and that ended up not letting us finish the 7 in the closing. I was still very happy with them :) 3:55 rolled around we began running the LAST group for Steeplechase Quarterfinals...I walked it at 9:00 remembering was something I really had to work at! Klink ran first and put in a time of 27.78 and took 1st place. Good girl Stinky!!! Gator...well he started out well :) But then kinda fell no semis for Tater Salad...oh well :)

So I am very happy with how the dogs are running, the weather is SO NICE and I am excited about tomorrow...Team Standard, Grand Prix Quarterfinals...can't remember if we have gamblers tomorrow or not?

Wish us luck tomorrow and thanks for reading!


Dianna said...

Congrats!! We are all rooting for you!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on your great runs so far! Good luck today!

Sarah said...

WOO HOO! good luck with the rest of your runs!!

Chris said...

Good show! Well done and all best to you and the rest of the great MN Get Together tomorrow and the weekend.

manymuddypaws said...

good luck! knock 'em dead!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks everyone!!!!!