Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 4 and Beyond :)

Whew!! I have to admit I have slacked...with bad internet, little sleep and lots of celebration, well...blogging wasn't high on the "to do" list :)

Day 4, I believe we ran Team Gamblers and Grand Prix Semi-Finals. The start of the day our team "Storm Cloud makes Klink Sizzle" was in 25th place and we hoped to keep it that way to get into the Team Finals :)

Team Gamblers went well, both dogs ran fine and got the 10 point gamble :) Good doggies!

Grand Prix Semi-Finals was great, Gator and Klink both had GREAT runs! They had good times, but we were one of the first groups to run. I didn't figure their times would hold up and get us into the finals...there are so many fast teams, I didn't think we stood a chance. So I went on about my day...and at the very end of the day my friend Carol called to tell me that BOTH of my dogs had made it to the FINALS! I couldn't believe it!! Gator was 10th and Klink was 14th!

WE MADE IT TO THE FINALS...I still can't believe it! What good puppies I have :)

That evening we also found out our team would be running in Team Finals as well!

Sunday was the last day of running...European Jumpers, Team Finals and Grand Prix Finals...what a day!

European Jumpers was first. Klink did great, however I caused a refusal on a jump...bad me. Gator ran next and had a GREAT run. Later on I was told he was in first place! Sure enough Gator boy had won it! Whatta kid!

Team Finals was fun, Klink was WIRED......so we didn't put down our most stellar run, but our team still ended up in 20th place...out of 175 teams, pretty darn good!

Finally the Grand Prix finals...I got my red shirt...I was nervous, but Klink ran GREAT, she did get called on her dogwalk contact though :( It was a push to a tunnel off the dogwalk and many dogs were missing that contact...she was no exception as I pushed her off the side. But other than that her run was great :)

Gator ran 2nd and he missed his weave pole entry, that IS the one he can have issues with from time to time....so life goes on.

I didn't choke, I didn't fall, and I had fun!! What a rush!

They both ran well and gave me 100%!!!! I am so very blessed to have these dogs and they tried their little hearts out!

The drive was LONG, I am SO very happy to be home, to see my puppies and my husband...I always enjoy the trip, but it is always so nice to be home again!!!

Everyone was great, my fellow Minnesota peeps were SO supportive :) Staying late to cheer me on....all the other finals participants were awesome, helping me stay positive and know I could do it.

I also got to meet several people off facebook and others that read my blog...very cool to meet them in person!!! What a great group of people the agility community has :) I am so lucky to be able to call so many of them my friends :)

Now off to my "no agility" break...the dogs can just chill and have fun...relax and be dogs...and I can remember all the good times!!!!

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts! I do have my finals runs on video as my friend Jacque was very gracious to record them for me. As soon as she gives them to me I will post them up here :)


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Thanks for the wonderful update!! We had our paws crossed for you

Debra Kay said...

I can't wait to see the runs! I'm so excited and happy for you.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations! I watched your Grand Prix runs with Gator and Klink Sunday online! It was so exciting to see - you and both dogs did great!!!!