Friday, September 18, 2009

Playing with the camera :)

After an extremely difficult day at work I thought maybe it would be nice to just hang out and play around with my camera...just adjusted some settings and took pics to see what turned out :) I rarely shoot on auto anymore and can adjust a bit on the fly if conditions things are coming along I think :) Just let the dogs out to play and snapped a few photos...

Lynn---looking like a grown dog :(

Zip, with her favorite toy ever...a plastic squirrel :)

Klink--up close and personal :)

My girlies---wild eyed Even and Lynn :)

Lynn :)

Not sure why I like this picture of Klink...I just do :)

Klinker--watching the puppies play :)

Even Steven :)


kvale7727 said...

Klink is beautiful. She has such warm, intelligent eyes.

stickitbc said...

WOW so clear! Love the eyes on Klink!