Sunday, September 20, 2009

My students :-))

I see my students every week, they are a great group of "kids" as I call them :) They work hard, they do their homework and they are all so much fun to teach :)

This weekend many of them went to a CPE trial in St. Cloud,MN and it was fun to get to see them run. I was very happy with how all of them did :) They were constistent with their handling, they maintained criteria very well and there were lots of Q's on top of it :-))

They also were there to cheer each other on, offer positive feedback and in general help one another :) Which I think is just GREAT!!

So before I left for the day I got everyone I could get together for a photo :) So here are some of my students...I love the fact that there are no breeds that are doubled up on! (OK..well if you could the two beardies and two GSD's...but they are owned by the same person :)

I teach lots of "other breeds" and I really really enjoy it :) I love seeing these dogs go out there and kick some butt! Many of them are retrains, no contacts, no weaves, stress issues, recall issues, focus issues, drive name it and my students have worked through these issues and I am so proud of them ;) I am so blessed to have such a great group of students to teach :)

L to R: Donna & Jadah (Lab), Andy & Crackers (JRT), Sue with Zuki & Glacier (GSD), Kaitlyn & Jinx (BC), Terry & Dakota (Coonhound Mix), Janet & Miko (Rhodesian Ridgeback), Dianna with River & Logan (Beardies), Colleen & Seiko (Papillon) and Kim & Raya (Doberman)

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