Thursday, September 17, 2009

A great dog...

I was looking over my blogs today and I was reading the 2009 USBCHA National Finals Blog and I saw their latest entry:

Reading through the entry I just about shot soda out of my nose when I came across this quote:
"I always joke that I usually bring my dead spot with me, that would be Tweed:)"

I love Tweed...absolutely adore that dog...he is the sire of Zip and Gator and the grand of my two girls. I love watching him work, just such determination, such talent and he gives Kathy a run for her money...which is always fun to see :)

Tweed at a clinic in Iowa

His daughter Zip is a lot like him, very determined, one might say stubborn, I would think she would tell you "I think it should be done THIS WAY! HONEST!"...and sometimes listening isn't her strong suit...she is a dog more to share the reins with. Although sometimes I think she has her rein AND a bit of mine! So to see that quote was just too much for me...I laughed about it off and on all day.

Everyone has their favorite dogs...everyone has their favorite lines...I adore my Tweed husband loaths them :-))) HEHE.....and I can see why...they spend their days attempting to outsmart him...and me for that matter...I admire it, he hates it :)

Until Zip was 5 Andy just couldn't stand her...she outsmarted him so many times...I better hush about that now before he kills me :) He made the comment one time, our other dogs are just "dogs"...then there Zip, who is an evil little child...which pretty much does sum her up :)

He prefers the more "easy going" (using that term loosely) dog like Klink...although those that have met her would probably tell you I am lying..Klink is the most laid back house dog you could ever imagine...lazy almost comes to mind! Now when she is ON...good lord watch out...she must save all the energy for just working :)

And the cycle continues with his grandchildren...Even DEFINETLY takes after the Tweed side of the line...and Lynn takes after Jake and his daughter is so fun watching these things come through on down the line...

Here's to a great dog :-))

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