Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working dogs

I got motivated to get the dogs on stock yesterday :) It is hard because there is no herding group (or really herding people) up here within several hours don't have a group of people to just go "work dogs"...but I am getting myself motivated to work them again :)

I got Zip trained up just with the help of Jack and Kathy Knox clinics as well as Klinker trained I can do it...just takes a bit more effort than sending a dog away to be trained for you...but that is OK. I am willing to do it :)

Knocking some of the dust off has been going well, they are all picking up what they were taught (as am I again) and doing well :) I have missed working them is a lot of work, but I love it :)

I also put Even on stock...she was VERY cool, stylish, but pushy and VERY intense...nice nice pup.

I have one group of sheep I am trying to get really broke so I can start the pups when they are by the time I got through Zip, Klink, Gator and then Even (who wore them out more than the other 3 adults did) they were done for Lynn. I will try to get her on today :)

We got many pictures..thought I would just do a quick youtube vid with them :)

I am enjoying the challenges working them on stock is presenting again :) Now that Zip can work again I am really liking that again :) She looks great, I hope she stay sound now!

On the diet side, I had a bit of a slip up the other night...but just reminded myself it is all good. Clothes are fitting looser and I am feeling MUCH MUCH better :)

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