Friday, July 31, 2009

Just more dog pics :)

Just some pics of the dogs...took them out on one of their many walks :)

Klinker in the alfalfa...pretty girl :) Lynn and Even :)This is Maxwell...he is a Havanese ;) He and his father Stryker came to our place to stay for 6 days. Their owner JUST had them freshly clean....

Stryker DID have a cute little ponytail...yeah..that lasted about 10 minutes after they got he looks more like a Charlie's Angel :)
Here is Maxwell....doesn't really look like a dog...but he IS :)

Remember that part about all CLEAN and pretty smell like dirt now :)
Note the red arrows indicating the TWIGS stuck in Maxwells ass...really!!?!?!?? And the lovely brown..lets hope it is JUST mud :)

This is why I don't have a long coated dog....Stryker sporting HIS twig ass....seriously! And all that mud...AHHHHH They are having fun though!!!!

Now back to MY dogs :-)) This WOULD have been a great pic of the girls...except for Gator's ears....THANKS GATOR!

Lynn was being photogenic today!?!? WEIRD! And looking kinda gangly :) There she is AGAIN!!! Pretty girlie! My baby girls :)Lulu again :) Contemplating life :) Even Steven :)

Even and Lynn with Gator in the background :)
THANK GOODNESS Max and Strykers mom doesn't care they get dirty!!!

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