Monday, August 3, 2009


Well I am done with week one of eating better and working out...whew! I have to admit I did have a couple of whoops moments..but I got right back on the wagon and trudged forward :)

I am hiking 2 miles a day minimum and I am usually getting more than that in each day:) Yesterday we took the dogs on a 4 mile hike AND I added in 30 minutes of weight things are doing well. My butt has muscles I don't remember having..but they are ALL sore :)

Today was a bit lighter, 4 miles total walking (2 am and 2 pm) and then a 30 minute aerobics workout.

When I am running the dogs in agility I am already noticing I am not as winded :) And I seem to be able to run faster (I think!?!?)

Otherwise, my energy is UP UP UP! I feel good and I am not exhausted after a normal I am sleeping MUCH better :)

I was going to weigh myself..but I have noticed my clothes are starting to fit a bit better....SO I am going to hold off on that...since I think that is more important and a better gauge of where I am :)

Finding lots of great recipes to work with and I am actually enjoying eating healthy! No more McDonalds cravings!! WOO HOO!

I had no idea how much I went to McDonalds.....gag...

Dogs are working great...Gator is REALLY getting into diving...I am having him drive INTO pressure (heavy pressure) and that seems to kick his eye in! Took a LOT of pressure...aka driving them away from the barn and wanting to double back on him..but that was great to kick him in :) He is now driving pretty least understanding not to go into a crazy flanking mess...I tell him "there now" and he walks right into his sheep to drive....LOVELY :) He has really matured and is getting to be quite the handful...loving that though! He used to quit and go to the maybe 2 1/2 years was a good time to start really putting some training on him :) Seems to be working!

Also worked the dogs in agility tonight...I am finding the LESS I work them the better they are! So they are just getting LOTS of hiking (can't go on a walk and NOT take dogs!!) and I work them a couple of times a week..that is ALL..working well :)

So anyway....I am onto week 2...just taking it one day at a time :)


stickitbc said...

Now you need me to go on that eatting right kick with you =)

Dianna said...

It only took you a week to lose the McD's cravings???? I am impressed. You give me hope.:)

fulltiltbcs said...

Just takes far I am doing well.

Yes Dianna....about a week...and you will feel SOOO much better for it!