Friday, July 31, 2009


Is now cleared to work stock today!! WOO HOO!! She (and I) are going to be happy to be working again :)

After much thought, I am definetly retiring her from agility. She will still be working stock and may trial in PN a bit, but agility will not be something she will be doing anymore.

The way I look at it is, she runs for 3-6 months..then gets injured...and costs me 500+ dollars and MANY hours of driving and PT to heal her up...then another 3-6 months and the cycle continues...

NOT good for me and definetly not good for her. SO....stockwork it is :) Working stock is much more natural for her anyway...and mentally it fulfills what she needs--and she is the kind of dog that NEEDS to work we are set :)

Heck...might even try some obedience with her since she does like that some :) Give her something else to do. Although I have to say actually going to an "obedience trial" sounds not so exciting to me...maybe I will change my mind (but doubtful)...

It is so nice not stressing over it now, and I am sure the decision is easier since I have several dogs that I am training...but knowing she won't be crippled when she is older is a good thing :)

So tonight it is sheep--can't wait! Maybe I can con Andy into getting some pics of her working :)


Nancy Gagliardi Little said...

Hey Loretta, Let me know when and if you go to a USBCHA trial. I'd like to start trialing Score in PN and it'd be fun to go to the same trial. Also, since you looked so good working Reason, I think you should train Zip in obedience. You can have fun anywhere when the right people are around. :-)

Dianna said...

Hey, hey, hey, don't be so negative about obedience..especially when you'd probably CLEAN UP doing it! I agree it's not as exciting as agility, but still...LOL. You could come to a trial with Logan and I. Just us trying to get our CDX is good humor!