Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why...oh why...

Do they not make something that really can taste like cheesecake BESIDES cheesecake.

I mean....really...those damn Yoplai (however the hell you spell them) 100 calorie yogurts taste NOTHING like cheesecake....LIES I TELL YOU..ALL LIES.

Those two girls on the commercial blabbing on about how "it is SOOOOOO good" are full of sh*t....tastes like roasted ass.

Now.....those 100 calorie packs of cookies FREAKIN' ROCK!!!! ...but if you eat too many of them it is the same as eating the real thing I suppose. Stupid cookies...

Actually I have been eating great so far, day 5 was today and I am starting to have a bit of some cravings...but nothing a wee bit of willpower can't help. I am feeling 200% better already...more energy, sleeping better etc etc etc.

I was so proud of myself the other day--I have an agility student that is SUPER MEGA healthy woman..runs and eats all that fiber stuff and I told her I started running! She was so excited until I told her my plan..

"Well I run DOWN the hill and I walk UP!!!!" As I smile so proud of myself.

The look of sheer dissapointment was visible as the fake "OH I AM SO PROUD OF YOU" slowly melted off her face...then it was replaced with a look of confusion...I am sure she cant even think about running only downhill...well, her ass is MUCH smaller than mine :) SO THERE. And she deserves it...she is a mega runner gal...

As Susan Garrett would say, she has much less tolerance for a 5 pound weight gain than I do :-))

So today I ran (ok..lets really say what I mean by "I ran"...more like a trot!?!?") fine, I TROTTED down the hill and then about 1/2 up the hill...not bad. I figure I won't tell her this though..not much of a feat in her eyes-but HEY! I did it :-))))

My goal is to go running with her...but that is going to take time :-))

For now I am happy to be feeling healthier!! My main issue is finding good breakfast if anyone has any...feel free to comment please!!


DeltaBluez Tess said...

I make homemade smoothies for breakfast

1 c plain lowfat yogurt
1 c lowfat milk
1 tb honey
1 tb OJ
ripe banana
strawberries or some soft fruit

Blend to a smoothness and drink.

Robin French said...

100 cal english muffin, light butter, sugar free jam. Mmmmm!

fulltiltbcs said...

GREAT recipe!!! I just tried it and that is VERY GOOD! thanks!!!

Robin, I will go pick up some english muffins, that never crossed my mind (not sure why not..but whatever)...

Thanks ladies!

Dawn said...

Hey, clicks for you! You started and your continuing. Don't let others get you down by thinking it's not enough. I have been thinking about getting my butt in gear too-maybe you are inspiring me. And I am pretty sure your bum is way smaller than mine.

fulltiltbcs said...

Hey Dawn! How is Magic doing!?!?!? :-)) Love that fuzzy boy!

I am doing small things (well diet is a big thing) but as far as exercise starting slow and working up :)

Just go for one walk a day and start there!