Friday, July 3, 2009

Zip Update...

Several people have been asking me about Zip after her back injury. She went to the massage therapist on Tuesday. Cindy found a LOT of things going on:

Upon gait evaluation noted a stiff top line but no apparent lameness. Subluxations through the spine along with a shift in the sternum. Extreme tightness in the paraspinal muscles along the thorax and lumbar area. Rib subluxation in the 3rd and 4th rib on the right. Moderate latissimus and longissimus tightness along with extreme gastrocnemius tightness. On the left found mild tightness in the quads and the sartorial muscles. Upon flexion of the right stifle palpate a mild snap in the medial aspect of the stifle joint.

LOVELY!! She got massaged and seemed a bit better....but the thought is she got t-boned (imagine that....hit by another border collie...who knew!) and everything is out. The day after the massage she was super stiff, but that went away.

She goes to see Dr. Heather Evans today for a chiropractic adjustment...fingers crossed she is going to be OK. No working right now, just walking. She did do a small outrun on the sheep the other day---made her smile :)

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stickitbc said...

WOW..okay so those are a lot of fancy words but i am glad to hear that it sounds like it was better today:))

I can't believe that another border collie or something could have ran into her you only have 6 dogs and 1 super mag!!!LOL

Keep getting better Zip!