Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!!

The Import Jake x Ettrick Zip litter turned 6 months old today....wow...how time flies!!!

Even, Lynn, Spot, Sweep, Tweed, Gin and Lil were born and I could not be happier for breeding this litter!!!!!

Everyone adores their puppy, all are doing well and I am so happy I have a lot of contact with al the GREAT owners!

Most of the puppies have been exposed to sheep and have "turned on" and several are doing puppy agility stuff also :) I am VERY excited about seeing how they turn out on sheep!

So...just a few pics to go down memory lane!

Sweepy babies....I miss this!

Lynn---what do YOU want :)Left to Right: Vantage (Tweed) Lynn, Wind (Lil), Peat (Sweep), Even and I think Zing (Gin) and of course Crackers :)
Lynn :)
Even Steven :)

What a great experience it was to have that litter go to such great homes and watch them growing up and being successful! Thanks to all the great homes and I requested from the puppy owners to please give us some new pictures so I can post them!!!!

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