Saturday, July 4, 2009


Just thought I would update everyone on the puppies as I get pictures in of them :) I am very blessed to have such an amazing group of puppy buyers!! They keep me informed on all of them and send pictures and I LOVE that! All are doing well in their homes, VERY outgoing (imagine that...if you have met Zip and Klink...well) and are really nice pups. All of the pups are keen to work livestock which of course makes me SO happy, since that is what they were bred for first and foremost!
Vantage, aka Tweed, is doing very well in sunny Arizona with his family. He looks SO much like my Klink it is weird seeing photos of him! If the little white blaze was gone he would be her!

What a cutie!
He means BUSINESS....his sister Lynn does this as well when she is eyeing something! LOVE this pic! Bring on the sheep! Run Van, Run! He and Leslie--great pic :) Hi!
My...what big ears you have! :-p
As Leslie calls it, his "Don King" look :) I remember Klink going through this haircoat..we called her Furby pup! LOL

Another Evil Van look :-)) LOVE LOVE LOVE this! HEHE
And I love this even more...yeah I know, he is working the dog, but LOOK at that style...drooling...
Leslie and Milo have given Van a GREAT home and I remember when she sent in her deposit check it said "for one naughty male puppy" :-)) Well she got him! It is so nice having such great homes for these puppies to be in. I sleep well at night knowing that they are being taken care of!


sheepkelpie said...

He's just handsome schmandsome!

stickitbc said...

WOW very handsome!!!! yes i do see the Klinker in him:) one nice puppy down couple more to go! keep the pics coming!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks! He sure is a nice looking boy! I know I am totally biased though :)