Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Changes ahead...

I was reading Susan Garrett's dog training blog http://susangarrettdogagility.com the other day and something really struck me...

This quote:

"Those of you that are overweight right now are that way because it doesn’t bug you enough. When something irritates you enough your words and thoughts turn from “it would be great if . . .:” or “I really should . . .” into more like “I must make this different right now!” For some people if they get to a weight that is 5 pounds more than they would like to be, it irritates them enough to make a change (man I wish that was me!). For others, you maybe haven’t even yet decided how much is too much."

At first I thought...THE NERVE!! Then it really dawned on me....that IS why many people are overweight (myself included) because it doesn't bug us enough....it doesn't bug ME enough.

Well....it DOES bug me MORE than enough. And that really made me realize I need to do something about it. So starting on this past Sunday I have decided my ass needs to get smaller. Bottom line (no pun intended, but cute anyway). So...I am changing my diet, taking the dogs on more walks and in general taking better care of myself. I used to run 2-3 miles a day, with a 6 miler on the weekend (thus the much smaller ass back then)...my goal is to get back to doing that. I am going to weigh myself (which I try to avoid I have to admit) and hold myself accountable.

So far so good....I am on Day 3 and I feel MUCH better already? Weird. But I am tired of being overweight and sluggish.

So yes Susan :) I AM irritated by my weight...and I am determined to lose it. So here's to changes!!


An English Shepherd said...

Ah but the boss says that the chocolate keeps calling ;-)

Wizz :-)

Laura Carson said...

Good for you! We're in this together my friend - and I've learned that my tolerance area needs to be MUCH smaller if I'm going to maintain for life... which I've not been doing very well at, thus the need to lose a few pounds again.

I'm over here totally rooting for you!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks for rooting for me :) I am going to need it! Although I am on day 4 and feeling really good...making good eating choices and exercising...so far so good!