Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another trial...

We are off to a local USDAA trial this weekend...will only be running Gator and Klink :-((

Zip hurt her back, has several subluxations and until they get taken care of, she is not to do any agility. Which is fine, she was really not using her rear end at the last she didn't get to run much. She goes to the massage therapist (Cindy Hickey ROCKS!!) on the 30th and then to the chiropractor (Dr. Heather Evans--ALSO ROCKS) on the 3rd of July. I have waited for YEARS on her waiting list and it is great timing she took me right now!

With the heat, the dogs haven't gotten a TON of work, but what they have done is great. Gator's contacts are great, as are his startlines (apparently learned from being pulled at the trial last weekend--don't mess with the mom).

Klink is running awesome, she is doing such a great job....really maturing!

Now that both dogs have their ADCH's (still can't believe this!) things are a lot lower key for me, just proofing contacts, jumping, startlines etc.....more like training I guess?

All the dogs have also been working on up flanks, longer outruns etc. Gator is getting driving REALLY well and I think honestly, not working him on stock for a while has been GREAT for him......he has matured and is MUCH pushier and more confident...he even stood up to the ram the other day! GOOD BOY!!!!! He is such a complicated boy, but definetly fun to train :) Klink of course we work on pace, and making her let go and free up a bit.

Zip it is all about pace....she gives me EVERYTHING else when her distance is right...whatta girl.

Andy has been working Crackers and he is doing awesome (no not on stock!)...they are going to be a team to beat out there on the agility course. I have to admit, it is really nice having Andy interested in agility....he doesn't really want to do the herding thing, likes doing chores and moving sheep around the farm, but to actually be ina trial is not something he wants to do :-(( That is OK..we have agility :)

Good luck to everyone trialing this weekend!

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