Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The girls...

The Import Jake x Ettrick Zip litter will be 6 months soon! Hard to believe it!! They are all doing well and making their owners very happy!

My two girls are doing great, I do not regret keeping two puppies...I adore them beyond belief!

So.a few pics of the girls...Lynn wasnt really into pictures today...she decided to go play in the her pictures are kind of limited! Brat!

She is part fish I think!

Blowing bubbles.....dork!

LOVE shaking pictures..soo funny!
She has BIG legs and is a bit weird looking in her build right now..nothing is fitting together :)

Don't talk about me momma..I am right here!

Pretty girlie!
Even...also tired of all the damn pictures! LOL LOOK at that words needed....

My little peanut puppy!

She waited until AFTER picture time to go to the pool..good girl!

Even just looks like a mini border collie....everything is pretty much fitting together as far as her build.

I WUV my momma!
Pretty girl!

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