Saturday, May 2, 2009

USDAA Days 1 & 2

After being sick the entire week, I wasn't really looking forward to a 3 day USDAA trial. Weak, tired and in general feeling pretty crappy, we loaded the crew up to run in St. Cloud.

Yesterday was the DAM Tournament...and Klink and Gator both had teams in that...and Zip was on a PVP team. So 3 dogs running all weekend.

I was feeling like death warmed over, but I tried to give it my best ;-)) Klink's team (Red Hot Agility Dogs with Zzoom and Sizzle)ended up 2nd overall and a Q :-)) Gator's team (Border Crossing--with Jersey and Breeze) did not Q :-(( But all the teammates had lots of nice runs!

Zip and her teammate Disco did a great job in PVP, ending up 1st overall :-))

We had a few knocked bars, but I am guessing that is due to the footing and being outside for the first time trialing.

Today was decent---but I was dragging, running slower, getting tired and just feeling crappy :-((

Klink Super Q'd....effectively taking a MUCH needed Super Q away from placement away.....grrrrrr

Klink had a great "almost ADCH" run--but one bar.....grrrrrr

Klink got her 2nd Grand Prix Q needed for USDAA Nationals! GOOD GIRLIE!!

Zippity did great today, finished her PD2, PS2 and PG2 titles and is off to PIII (Performance Masters level) ALL dogs in Masters! She is running well at 16" and isn't sore afterwards..soo happy to see!

The big news is that Gator got his MAD today! :-)) GOOD BOY GATOR!!!!

I am tired, run down and ready for bed..I hope I feel better tomorrow for all the runs I have!

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An English Shepherd said...

Well done, clever zip & you.

Wizz :-)