Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well day 3 was a good one---I stocked up on Red Bull and I have never had that stuff but it ROCKS!!! Definetly gave me wings today!!!!! :-))

Klink was a good girlie today...she won Master Standard--Good girlie! Gator dropped one bar but otherwise seemed to be back to his non crazy self today :-))

She also Q'd in Pairs, Gator went awol for a bit...enought to off course us..then of course he regained his marbles.....2 year old doggie...ugh!

Snooker was good, Gator needs super Q's so after getting 54 points with him..I took Klinker (the snooker Super Q Queen!) to 5 in the closing and we left--she took his super Q yesterday....DUH LORETTA! So she Q'd and he won the class and got the Super Q ;-)) His first one..GOOD BOY!

Jumpers----Klinker needs the one leg for her ADCH...and after a great run and ONE BAR....we still need one for her ADCH ;-))) BUT, Gator Q'd and won the class!!! AND got his JM..what a good Tater Salad!!!! So......we will once again be trying for that jumpers Q at the MAC trial.

Zip didn't run much, Q'd and got 1st in PII Pairs...and then I didn't run her after that....she already has her titles and is now going to no biggie....I wanted to concentrate on the Masters doggies...she was the cheering section :-))))

But all in all a good weekend, Gator getting his MAD, JM and his first Super Q, and winning several Masters classes!!!!! Whatta kiddo!

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