Monday, April 27, 2009


It is good to be back home...we spent the last 3 days in Crystal Lake, IL at the Contact Point USDAA trial. Zip, Klink and Gator ran and I was pleased with THEIR running...mine however...well, I am sick I think that ran me down quite a bit and I was not "on the ball"---and with my dogs, that is definetly needed! ;-))

I picked up lots of "important legs" though!!

Klinker---this girlie had ONE bar down all weekend and it was ME--so basically no bars for the Stinky Pete!! I was her greatest handicap this weekend-she was soooo with me and doing such a great job...what a girlie! She got a Steeplechase leg, finished her GM title, got a pairs leg, and WON jumpers on Sunday!!!!! Jumpers!?!?! Yeppers ;-)) The bar knocking wonder was awesome with jumping--what a girlie! more jumpers leg needed for my first ever ADCH...

Gator---he took the time this weekend to remind me that he IS TWO YEARS OLD. He likes to give me a sense of false security by doing great one trial..and then well...yeah ;-)) Not his best weekend...he got a gamblers leg with 2nd place, standard leg (one more needed for his MAD), Steeplechase Q and we got a Q in Pairs with our fav girlie border collie yaya for his RM title ;-)) his first Masters title :-))

And onto Zippity Zoom. After her litter of puppies she is back--this was her first trial and all I can say is I LOVE THIS DOG. She went 9 for 10----8 firsts and 1-2nd (knocked bar in the opening of gamblers) and ended up 3rd in the Performance Speed Jumping Finals...she ran like a dream...and I have to admit I cried a little after our first runs together...this dog is just amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE running her....and I am so happy we can run together again!!!!!

All in all it was a good weekend...I did get a couple of run on tape-mainly the first days runs...2nd day I was getting sick so that just kind of went to the wayside. My dogs were definetly the stronger team member this that says a lot for Zippity! LOL She did her job AND mine!


Sarah said...

congrats! sounds like a great weekend!

manymuddypaws said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!
That is awesome about the bars- I know just how you feel!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes congratulations sounds like it went really well.

Wizz :-)