Friday, April 3, 2009

Crazy Puppy :) LOTS OF PICTURES!!


The weather was GREAT today! 40 and SUNNY!! I took the dogs on a LONG walk and took a ton of pictures of Even Steven :)

Lynn was out traveling the Minnesota countryside with Andy so she was busy meeting people, kids dogs and gosh knows what else :) They always come back so tired after that kind of day! WOO HOO!

Even is growing up to be a very cool puppy---she works EVERYTHING she can find and is fearless, independent (WORKING HARD ON RECALLS!!) and just so darn headstrong like her is SCAREY how alike they are!!!!

She likes to RUN!!!!!
Ohhhh....what's this Gator??? A tunnel??
Hmmmmm....THIS looks FUN! I'm GOIN' IN!!!

You wanna come in??


Hey...where did everyone go??

ME...come out of here??? Naw!

But I'll tease ya!

Kick 'er butt momma!
Ok----off to take over the rest of the world! HAHA!

Growing up :)

Like mother, like daughter :)

YES we still have freakin' snow....

Gonna stalk ya....

She works ANYTHING that moves...

And works...

And works...

Crooked crazy ears!

Working again...

Pretty girlie!

POW--Right in the kisser!
Zippity LOVES her babies!

And is VERY patient :)

Make that VERY VERY VERY patient!
I Wuves you mom!!

Wrestling pic--Zip was just playing I PROMISE ;)

That one ear cracks me UP!

Stalking a leaf....goober!

I'm comin' as fast as I can!! Putting those ears back to be more aerodynamic!

Run Even Run!

Even with her best buddy Acer Pup :)

She is now settled in her x-pen snoozing away...Next up is Lynn :)

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Emma Rose said...

She's a real doll! I'll bet she would be fun to play with.