Friday, April 3, 2009

Lynn :)

Now for Miss Lynn :) I laugh when people ask me why there are not as many pics of her as Even (which is alot of please don't feel singled out! LOL). She is harder, not as much of a ham and tends to venture far and wide...I don't have a good enough zoom lense for that yet :)

But Andy brought her home this evening and I got some pics :) Not as good as the ones of Even Steven...but Lynn doesnt really think she is the model type :)

She is growing up so fast!!

Hi Mom!!

Miss Intense :)

She LOVES to stare at the sheep...a lot :)

Momma and Daughter :)

Getting ready to POUNCE!

Gonna Getcha!

Wait for me Mom!

Just a LITTLE excited to see Zippity...I don't think Zip feels the same way though!

Watching the sheep..AGAIN.

She is SUCH a Goofy girlie! I love this pic!
Cockleburrs and smoothies are NO problem...they fall right out..SWEET!!

There is something behind me I would RATHER look at...but you have cookies....

Wait for me DAD!!!

Perty girlie!

Notice she doesn';t look AT the camera....grr!
Contemplating something Lynn?


Sniffin' on the trail of somethin' GOOD....


I am coming!
Running like H*LL
So there ya go, Miss Lynn...LOVELY girl, I adore her and no I really don't have a favorite...just many of the pics I take of this girlie turn out crappy! She is a bratty little thing!


BCxFour said...

I am just catching up with all the pictures of Even and Lynn. They are sooo adorable and I love the shots of them with their momma!

bungeroo said...

Lynn is so cute!