Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Pics of puppies :)

Just a couple more pics taken this week :) Here is Miss Lynn...she is growing and her ears are doing CRAZY things...I find it funny to watch them go up and down all the time :) Apparently we are going with the one up one down look this week :)
Gator has finally claimed the girls. He was totally ignoring them as if they didn't exist and that wasn't working----if you have met the girls you know why! LOL He is trying to play with them, but only when they are on leash :) Apparently he can escape the wrath of puppy needles (aka teeth) better if they are contained :)
Here is Gator playing with Steve :) Also known as Even :) LOVE the dot on her tummy! HEHE



An English Shepherd said...

My Ears went up and down as well :-)

Jodi said...

Lynn thinks you post far too many photos of Perfect Little Ms. Even Steven (and have even created cutesy little names for her ... tap tap tap) that she thinks you ought to send her some place fun ... some place that will take TONS of photos of her ... some place that will make up cutesy little nicknames for her and dote over her the way Ms. Even Steven is being doted on. She recommends Jodi's house.

Finks. Finks a bunch.

fulltiltbcs said...


Well Lynn says that she doesn't sit still long enough to GET pics of her! And there is way too many things in life to check out rather than ham it up for the camera :)

And her nickname currently is "shut up Lynn"...sure you want her! LOL