Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a day....

Two more lambs this evening, just as I was settling in from 10 hours of work and dealing with 2 puppies plus the grown dogs. I had high goals of working dogs today...that didn't happen obviously! Andy is gone, in some other state or something...

Once I figured out we had a new set of lambs...I had a first today..I was just doing my thing.....grabbed the lambs and used Zip to get mama into the lambing jug, no biggie...I got the HUGE Cheviot ewe into the jug and though..WOW, she looks GREAT for having delivered 2 big babies!! Awesome!

Then she turned around to check on her babies instead of STARING at me (she is a bit on the HIGH strung side) and I noticed there was no blood on her rear end...hmmmmmm......babies were still wet, cords still hanging (I had just dipped them in iodine) and there SHOULD be blood...there was not a placenta....nuttin'......

Something didn't seem right...I looked around....there was another ewe that was staring at me...and I could see the afterbirth hanging (yes ladies and gents--lambing is a VERY GLAM job :) #32..also known as UGLY....SHE has babies? Or are these her babies that the Big Cheviot Ewe has taken??

Yep....the Cheviot girlie had stolen poor #32's lambs :( What a hootchie!

SO.....I had to have Zip push her BACK out of the jug which she was NOT happy about, and let Zip know the entire time (Zip's patience was about done with when the ewe decided she would be better off going on her way) her pushed back out with the "mothers to be" and got #32 in, which by this time she was so worried she RAN into the pen, practically knocking me over in the process. During which time that LOVELY after birth was flinging around and slapped me right in the leg on my new jeans...yum...should have known better, but ya know, it always starts out as "I am just going to go feed the sheep! Will be RIGHT back!" yeah...whatever.

Got her all settled in with her babies, fed her some alfalfa hay and grain (we treat our ladies with luxury accomodations here!!) and put the heat lamp on them for good is supposed to get cold and I would rather have a warm lamb than a dead one because of some electricity.

So all the lambing jugs are full now...we will have to boot one of the ewes out tomorrow to make a clean jug for the next ewe.

I really enjoy lambing, but sometimes these ewes just KNOW when you are having a long day...or a blizzard, or company over!

Off to play with puppies---both pups know sit and down now, are doing fetching with toys (well Even is STALKING EVERYTHING she can....and Lynn is better at the fetching game LOL). Both are working crate games and are very content to stay in their separate x-pens and self entertain----plastic water bottles ROCK for this! LOL Both walk on leash and there has only been ONE accident in the house since we started them on house training on Sunday. Just that first day.

They go out to the barn with us NOW ON LEASH...Even decided to help herself to sheep and got in the pen with the ewes! YIKES!! She is a bugger that one...just like her momma...KEEN as heck. And unfortunately like her mother, she likes the metal sheep already (aka cars)...Lynn however is being a good girlie, wants to check out the sheep, but doesn't feel the need to crawl through a gate to do it...just watches :) Luckily I got Even out before anything could have happened....but I wish I had my camera! That girlie has STYLE...very cool--well for a 9 week old puppy anyway!

And the training contintues...

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