Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One must be insane...

To raise 2 puppies at the same time :) Well I have never been one for being normal!

Luckily, these two puppies are bonded to me from birth, so that helps A LOT. I honestly couldn't imagine doing this with just two purchased puppies. You have to form the bond with them...that would add even more to the mix. Plus, hey BOTH sleep from 10-7 am....which helps A LOT!!!

If you are ever thinking of getting two puppies at one time, please DO NOT. My husband and I are both tag teaming on Even and Lynn and it takes a LOT of time. He takes one on the road with him (great socialization time since he goes to LOTS of farms and meets LOTS of people) and I keep one at home, to learn about the house breaking, training and pack introductions. I think if I had them both here at the same time by myself, keeping them separate and entertained would be not so fun!

They are both crated in separate kennels at night, put during the day in separate x-pens complete with toys and things to chew on. And I take each one of them on separate walks with the pack, working recalls the entire time to ensure they both are not too dog focused!! Double the time, double the effort. But with Andy taking care of one, it helps GREATLY!!!!

They are getting the routine and we are starting to figure out a system, so things are going better...but there are lots of months down the road until we get them where we can have them in the pack and easier to care for. Lots of training, socialization etc etc to deal with...

So PLEASE, do not get two puppies unless you are seriously committed to bringing them up as you would one puppy, not cutting short training, socialization or anything else...just not worth it in the long run!!


An English Shepherd said...

(Sorry spelling mistake!)

Yes I think your blog might put my Mum and Dad off having two pups at the same time ;-)

Dianna said...

Ha! That is what I tell everybody..thinking of a puppy? NEVER NEVER get 2. Of course you and Andy aren't "everybody"..so it'll work out! I love reading the updates, fun to see how it could be done...if you were crazy enough to try it! Good Luck!

fulltiltbcs said...

Yeah...totally wouldn't recommend it! LOL!!

We WILL do this...:)