Friday, March 20, 2009

Puppy Updates!!!

I am going to send updates as I get them from the puppy owners :) This particular update is on Tweed---who is now known as Vantage or "Van" for short :)

Van is doing well in his new home, I am sure enjoying the warmth and sun of Arizona over the Minnesota weather he grew up in! He has already figured out he likes the dogs running agility (imagine that....sensitive to motion---who knew!!!??!) but a tug toy will bring him right out of watching the other dogs...GOOD BOY!

The resident older dog Sage approves of him and sister Teg is "warming up" to the idea of a puppy in the house :) Here are a few pictures of the boy....his ears are CRAZY right now :) He reminds me of my Klinker SOOOO much!

Which ears do you like mom??

Can I be your buddy Sage??? PLEASE!?!?
How about both tipped?? Good look for me?

Wanna play?

Posing for the camera :) What a ham!





Bordershot said...

A nice little guy!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks! Yes he is a lovely boy, reminds me of my Klinker SOOOOO much!

bungeroo said...

He is so cute and ahhh my Sage boy. I love Sage so much. He and my Oreo dog were in love when they saw each other at agility!