Friday, March 20, 2009

Just some pupper pics :)

Just thought I would share some pictures of some of the adult dogs....all there have been lately are puppy pics!

Crackers----getting more grown up!
Gator is really starting to fill out! I call him ugly as a term of endearment...apparently some people do not see the humor in that, as I was told this at a trial I was at recently--a person overheard me call him ugly and they were offended or something to that affect :) I assure you it is all in good fun--he doesn't care :) Those that know me hear me call him that all the time :)
Klinker....spring time I hate rough coats! LOL

Gator and Klink romping through the field :)

Gator and Crackers racing!
And now....lambie pictures!!!

This is LuLu, my favorite ewe and her baby :)


Bordershot said...

The lamb-pic in the middle is great. Very cute lambie...oh, and the ewe, too ;o)

stickitbc said...

We know you love tater even if he is not the cutest still a nice agility boy:)))LOVE the lambie pics they are VERY cute!!

Darci said...

Awe, darling little faces those lambs have! Gator is a cutie, I love JRT's, and that fugly dog?? Yea, he's so ugly he's down right purdy! LOL

fulltiltbcs said...

Yes, my ugly boy :) I adore him to pieces!