Thursday, March 12, 2009

Puppies Flying!

Tweed and Lil are going to be flying to their new homes tomorrow :) I am sure all will go just fine and they will meet their new families soon!

Sweep and Gin leave on Saturday---then it is just Even (Steve) and Lynn (Larrie)...yes those are their nicknames....NO idea why....they are sticking though! LOL

I have been working on things with the girls, mainly offering sits for toys (they both ROCK at that) and I will start keeping them in crates at night once everyone leaves. No more potty boxes for them..sorry ladies!

Andy will be taking one on the road...while I work things at home with the other one...since they are littermates, we want them to develope separately as well as together. They have quite different personalties.

Both very outgoing, confident puppies. Even is more social with EVERYONE, the social butterfly type--whereas Lynn is more independent...if you don't have something she wants forget about it! But Lynn is VERY into me...very much has chosen me and I listened to that :)

People would come and see the puppies--she would greet and play and say howdy...but always ended up in my lap...same with Even...they both chose me :)

It should be fun seeing how they both grow up, how they learn, act and work differently...can't WAIT to put them on sheep. No worries about agility...I KNOW they can do that...any dog can do agility really...but SHEEP---that is where I am excited about :) I love watching their instinct kick in and they just take control...could watch that all day!

I figured I would keep everyone updated on them and hopefully the puppy buyers will give me lots of pictures of their new babies so I can post them here :)

It is going to be neat to watch them grow up!

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